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4 Tips To Beat the Life Insurance Company to Get the Cheapest Rates

4 Tips To Beat the Life Insurance Company in 2016 Let’s be honest, no one likes buying life insurance or even talking about it for that matter.  Most people have a preconceived notion that insurance companies are this big bad greedy corporate scrooge looking to take advantage of them.  Pssst, want to know something?  Insurance is a business, a very profitable business and insurance companies are looking to make the most revenue they can.  So there is some validity in the notion insurance companies are looking out for their best interest because they are. When I talk to clients for […]

Is Life Insurance Taxable

Is Life Insurance Taxable in 2016? Generally speaking, NO.  Life insurance proceeds are income-tax free in 2016.  If you have a $500,000 life insurance policy and you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive the full $500,000 and it will NOT be taxed.  This is one of the great advantages of life insurance as it is one of the few items that remain tax-free for most people. Estate Taxes However, if you have a large estate ($5.43 million in 2016) your entire estate including the life insurance proceed is subject to the federal estate-tax which is currently at 40%.  As for […]

4 Easy to Follow Tips to Significantly Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

4 Tips to Significantly Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums in 2016 When you’re in the market to purchase term life insurance, there are some rules you must follow to ensure you don’t needlessly overpay for your policy.  By just following these four simple tips you could end up saving a lot of money each month which could equate to thousands of dollars or more over the life of your policy.   1.       Shop Around-Receive More Than One Quote This is the first tip because it’s the most important.  Many life insurance shoppers make the mistake of purchasing their policy from […]

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior in 2016 Choosing the best life insurance can be tricky at any age. The complexity of the industry makes even the idea of shopping for policies stressful, and if you have reached an advanced age it becomes even more complicated. As with most other situations, well-informed is well-prepared, and researching the different types of insurance and their various benefits and drawbacks will help you to make the best decision for your family. What is life insurance for? Understanding the purpose of life insurance is a very important step in the process. Many people hold […]

5 Secrets about Your Life Insurance Policy You Must Know Today 2013

5 Secrets about Your Life Insurance Policy You Must Know for 2016 So you got approved for your life insurance policy and made the first payment, you are all done, right? Not quite.  There is still the task of reading over the actual policy contract filled with all of its legalese.  It isn’t fun but it is important to know the ins and outs of your policy when dealing with such an important document.  If you haven’t had the chance to read over your policy yet, this article will go over some of the important aspects you may not be […]

Single Moms Top 8 Life Insurance Tips (Mothers)

Single Mom Life Insurance Tips for 2016 Let’s face it, being a single mother can be tough.  Many single moms are relying on a sole income to support themselves and their child or children.  Regrettably single parents are one the largest sectors in our country to not own life insurance.  This is unfortunate, because these households are the ones that need the life insurance most.  Since having life insurance as a single mom is critical, I put together an 8 step tip sheet to help answer common questions and to make the buying process a lot easier. 8  Life Insurance Tips […]

2013-2014 Top 20 Bucket List Ideas, life insurance

What’s on Your Bucket List in 2016? Today I wanted to share this survey I found.  It’s of seniors 55 years and over in the U.K. on the things they most want to do before they kick the “bucket.”  No matter what your age, this topic is gets you thinking.   Bucket List-Top 20   Conclusion Taking care of your family and making sure they are financially secure was number three on this list but it’s probably even a higher priority than that.   You can easily cross this one off of your bucket list by securing a high quality affordable […]

3 Insider Secrets & Tips from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent

3 Insider Secrets from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent 2016 In the post today I wanted to revel some of the insider secrets or tips that I personally use and recommend to my friends and family who are thinking about purchasing life insurance.  Over the past several years I’ve written thousands of life insurance applications for around $1 billion of life insurance protection.    Best Insider Tips and Secrets 2016   1. Shop Around I know this may sound like common sense but you would be amazed by the number of people who don’t do this.  There are some […]

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam in 2016? When you apply for life insurance, a brief paramed exam will be done.  This includes a small blood draw.  One of the readings that will be evaluated are the liver enzymes; GGT, ALT and AST.  Since alcohol is processed in the liver, an elevated GGT enzyme could be an indicator of heavy alcohol use or liver injury.  Another reading the insurance company will look at is Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrein (CDT).  Unlike like the GGT test, the CDT is more sensitive and is a maker of recent heavy alcohol consumption.  CDT can […]

2013 top 25 life insurance companies financial strength ratings

The financial strength of a company is one of the most important aspects you should consider when selecting a life insurance policy.  What good is the policy if the company may not be able to pay out the claim in the future?  Fortunately, there is a way to quickly and easily check a company’s financial strength and ability to pay claims, and it’s the A.M. Best’s Financial Strength Ratings (FSR).  A.M Best is the premiere rating agency in the United States for insurance companies and should be the one of the first things you look at when selecting a life […]

average funeral cost 2013 life insurance

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need to Cover the Cost of Final Expenses 2016? One of the most common questions people have when purchasing life insurance, especially seniors is what is the average price of a funeral today.  You need to plan accordingly so you family won’t be left in a financial bind.  The graphic below will help better illustrate the costs when one passes away. In 2016, the average funeral cost is between $7,000 to $10,000.  Some funerals can run up to $20,000 in 2016 or higher. There are a few types of life insurance you can purchase […]

Could Obmacare “Life Insurance Edition” Soon Become a Reality

Is Government Mandated Life Insurance Closer Than You Think? The controversial Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare went into full effect on January 1st 2014 making it a government mandate that nearly every American citizen must carry health insurance either through a private provider or through a state or federal exchange program. The penalty for not owning health insurance in 2014 will be a $95 fine which increases to a $695 fine in 2016 for individuals (the fine for families is much greater).  The government mandate was signed into law on March 23, 2010 and was upheld by the […]

Compare Multiple Companies Before You Buy Life Insurance in 2014!

Compare Multiple Companies Before You Buy Life Insurance in 2016! When shopping for life insurance it’s imperative to shop around and receive at least 3 different rate quotes to ensure you’re receiving a competitive rate.  Far too often, people settle for the first quote they receive, and consequently vastly overpay for their life insurance. Let’s take a look at an example.  A man born on June, 1st 1965, seeking $500,000 in life insurance on a 20 year level term at the preferred rating class.  Here are the sample rates: $500,000 – 20 Year Level Term Company Monthly Premium Health Class […]

Life Insurance Tips for New Parents

Guest Post: Claire Atkinson Life Insurance Tips for New Parents If you are a new parent, do you have the type of life insurance that will provide you with adequate coverage now that your young family is growing? There are certain things to take into consideration about life insurance once you start having children. 1. Do you have enough insurance? • When you initially invested in life insurance, you bought enough coverage for yourself and possibly your spouse. Now that you are a new parent, you will need to check out the coverage you currently have to see if it […]

Insider- What Type of Life Insurance Does My Agent Really Have?

What Type of Life Insurance Does My Agent Really Have in 2016? When someone gives you advice or a recommendation and they are considered an “expert”, it’s only human nature to wonder if they follow or heed that same advice.  Well, today I will pull back the curtain and extinguish the curiosity that many life insurance shoppers and policy holders want to know, “So Mr. or Mrs. Agent, what type of life insurance do you have on yourself?” Agent Ownership According to the 2013 National Underwriter Life Insurance Study, 68 percent of life insurance agents own at least two types […]

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance 2014

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Suck 2016! According to LIMRA (Life Insurance Management Research ) 50% of Americans say they need more life insurance.  With startling numbers like that it’s important to educate people that affordable life insurance doesn’t suck.  I know it’s another bill, but unlike the cable or electric bill, life insurance will act as a safety net providing financial security as well as preserving your legacy should something suddenly happen to you.  What other “bill” can say that? Inexcusable in 2016 Since we are living longer, life insurance rates are at all-time-lows.  If you have a family […]

5 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is a Safer Bet than Vegas in 2016 Over the years I’ve had more than a fair share of clientele make the analogy that the premise of term life insurance is a form of gambling, and to a certain degree they’re correct.  Say whaaat?  Yes, there are some similarities.  Both involve risk in that the individual is putting up a small amount of money with a potential sizable payout in return.  Of course, insurance is not meant or intended for gain, rather it’s meant to make the beneficiary whole again and to return them to […]

$750k life insurance

Is $750k of Term Life Insurance Expensive? Life insurance rates have come down significantly over the past fifteen years.  The two main reasons; competition- mainly from the internet and technology and also the fact that life expectancies have increased. What does that mean for you?  Today you can purchase a high quality life insurance policy for pennies on the dollar.  Want to see an example? Sample Prices for $750,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Sample premium rates for a female, non-smoker at each companies best rating class for a 10-year term:   Conclusion With advances in technology, particularly the internet, life […]

cheap life

 How Cheap is Term Life Insurance in 2016? Too many Americans believe life insurance is too expensive in 2016.  This is evidenced by the 50-year low life insurance ownership levels in America according to LIMRA.  Since life insurance is optional unlike auto insurance, families put off the purchase until the “right time.”  Let me tell you something from years of experience in the industry and with speaking with over 10k life insurance consumers.  Now is the best time to buy life insurance.  You will likely never be as healthy as you are right now and defiantly will never be as […]

Wills Trusts Life Insurance childern

Wills vs. Trusts & Life Insurance-Which is Better to Protect Your Kids in 2016? I was talking to a friend this week who is also an agent.  She wanted my advice on the best way for her client to properly insure that the life insurance policy proceeds would safely be transferred to the client’s young children if he were to pass away.  Since this is such a relevant and important topic to so many people I wanted to write an article on the subject to help folks understand their options and consequences of failing to establish a will or trust […]

$200k of Life Insurance costs

 How Much is $200k of Term Life Insurance? Can you afford a high quality life insurance policy to protect your family?  Well if you spare about $.50 a day then the answer is YES.  One of the reasons why so many Americans do not have life insurance or not enough life insurance is because of the notion it costs too much.  Many families are struggling just to get by in this economy and spending additional money on life insurance isn’t in the budget.  However, these are the families that need life insurance most.  If the head of the household were […]

2016-6 Best (Top) Final Expense Life Insurance Options (Choices) for Seniors

6 Best Final Expense Life Insurance Options for Seniors in 2016 Choosing the best life insurance policy as a senior in 2016 can be tricky.  Almost every senior is looking for two basic components in a policy, one that is affordable and will pay out the out the death benefit when he or she passes away.  As simple as that sounds, finding a policy like this is rare.  Far too often, seniors end up purchasing a policy that doesn’t fit their needs and is ambiguous to them and their families.  This ambiguity often leads to despair when the senior passes […]

$300k of Life Affordable

Is $300k of Term Life Affordable? Many people assume to secure a $300,000 life insurance policy to protect one’s family will be expensive.  The reality is life insurance; in particular term life insurance is unbelievably affordable today.  Actually, as you will see below, a healthy 42-year old male can lock in a $300,000 policy for the next 20-years for less than $1 a day.  That is truly leveraging money to your advantage! Here are sample premiums for $300k on a 20-year term   Verdict After reviewing the rates for $300k, everyone who is eligible should have a life insurance policy […]

top 20 life insurance companies by rating

When shopping for life insurance it is imperative that you select a company that is financially strong.  There is no point in paying premiums to an insurer that may not be around in the future.  Fortunately A.M. Best provides an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.  A.M. Best is known as the industry standard for rating agencies in America. A.M. Best Rating Categories              Rating Chart  1. A++ A+ (Superior) (Superior)  2. A A- (Excellent) (Excellent)  3. B++ B+ B B- (Very Good) (Very Good) (Fair) (Fair)  4. […]

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors Many seniors have a misconception they are unable to secure an excellent rate on their life insurance policy just because they can be categorized as a senior.  Fortunately with new life insurance programs and the fact that we are living longer, life insurance premiums have really never been more affordable, especially for seniors. Choosing the correct policy as a senior is very important.  You need a policy that will not only meet your objectives but also your budget. Types of Policies Term Life-For seniors who are in average to excellent health, term life is a […]

15 Best Life Insurance Companies September 2013 Edition

Best 15 Life Insurance Companies in America—2016 The NAIC released the numbers for the top life insurance carriers in America by market share by direct premiums.  There are some updates from last year.  Get a free life insurance quote from these companies-here     *The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 2012 market share data for life-fraternal& property-casualty insurers.   Free quotes from the top companies in America

6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People-Build

Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People in 2014 If you’re thinking about buying a new life insurance policy but have a concern that your waistline may prevent you from qualifying or from receiving a competitive price,  don’t fret you’re in luck.  If you look in the mirror and don’t see that of a fitness model looking back at you, rest assured can still receive a terrific rate on your next life insurance policy.  To make things even better, if you shed some of those spare lbs. in the future you can even reapply at no cost to receive lower […]

$100k Life Insurance Policy

Is $100k Life Insurance Enough? This coverage amount of $100k level term life insurance is an excellent policy choice for many people.  As I stated in my previous article, How Much Life Insurance Should You Really Have, most financial advisors recommend you carry at least 7 to 20 times your annual income in life insurance to adequately protect your family.  However, for those who have children that are older and are no longer dependent upon them, a $100k policy may be a perfect amount. How Much Does A $100k Term Life Insurance Policy Cost? Sample premiums for a 20-year level  […]

Women Pay Less for Life Insurance than Men

Why Do Women Pay Less for Life Insurance in 2016? I’ve wrote thousands of life insurance applications over the years and a topic that seems to come up on almost on a daily basis is the noticeable difference that women pay less than men for life insurance.  Most people when first discovering this want to know the reason behind it.   Battle of the Sexes Yes, it is true that women do pay less for life insurance than men do in 2016.  The reason is due to statistics.  Women live longer, 81 years on average in the United States compared to […]

Cheap life insurance 2016 better

Is Cheaper, Really Better in Life Insurance in 2016? In today’s economy everyone is looking to save a buck but not at the expensive of quality.  The good news when it comes to purchasing life insurance is that you will not have to decide between the two.  Life insurance is one of those products where it’s best to shop mainly on price since the quality and security of the product are so heavily monitored and regulated by the state governments. So is cheaper, better when it comes to buying life insurance? The short answer, in most cases is yes.  Life […]

Prices for a $500k term life insurance policy right now

How Much Does $500k Term Life Insurance Really Cost? The fact is the majority of Americans are either uninsured or under-insured when it comes to their life insurance coverage.  Life insurance is not mandatory such as auto insurance is, but if you have a family it is just as important or even more so.  Have you ever thought of what would happen to your loved ones if you suddenly died?  How would they pay the monthly bills?  Would they have enough money to continue living in the same house as you do right now?  How would their life change?  How […]

$250k of Term Life Insurance Cost?

How Much Does $250k of Term Life Insurance Cost? Life insurance ownership in America is all-time lows and one the main culprits why people do NOT have life insurance-they believe it costs too much.  This is a huge misconception, if fact due to advancements in modern medicine and an increasing life expectancy, rates have never been lower! Let’s take a look at how much a $250k term life insurance policy would cost you today.     Wrap Up As you can see above, whether you are in excellent health or of average health, life insurance rates are VERY affordable right now.  […]

Top 10 (Ten) Term Life Insurance Companies 2013

2014-Top 10 Life Insurance Companies With over 2,000 life insurance companies in the United States competing for your business, choosing the right one to protect your family can be overwhelming.  In 2011 alone, the top ten life insurance companies jointly spent over $1 billion in ads trying to get you to buy their policy. How to Choose the Best Company As a former top producing life insurance agent, the first thing I do when shopping for life insurance is to compare rates.  How do you do that?  You can use a free service or quote engine such as the one […]

 Suze Orman or Clark Howard recommend life insurance amount coverage

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need in 2016? When shopping for life insurance one of the most common questions people have is; how much life insurance do I really need to protect my family?  The truth is the amount will vary for each person since every family and situation is unique.  However, there are general rules of thumb the experts use when working with their clients in 2016. Rule of Thumb Many financial advisors recommend having a minimum of at least seven (7x) to ten times (10x) your annual salary in total life insurance.  For example, if you make […]

The Best Reason to Purchase Life Insurance-love and legacy 2013

The best reasons to buy life insurance-love & legacy 2014 Sometimes it seem like we have too much insurance.  We are required to have auto insurance if we want to drive a car, mortgage insurance is a prerequisite from the bank before owning a home and now even health insurance is required by law.  However, the most important insurance of all is arguably life insurance. Your life and legacy can’t be replaced Unlike tangible possessions such as your home and automobile which can be replaced, life insurance- insures your legacy, which is intangible.  What would happen if you didn’t come […]

Read and understand Life Insurance Company Ratings 2016

Understanding Life Insurance Company Ratings in 2016 One of the biggest concerns for someone in the market for life insurance beside cost is choosing a company with superior financial stability.  With over 1,000 life insurance companies in America in 2016, narrowing down the right one can seem overwhelming.  The good news is with a little knowledge of how the industry works; choosing the correct company is a lot less complicated than it appears. All Strong Companies Payout Claims As discussed in the previous post, all life insurance companies payout all valid claims.  There isn’t a grey area as there are […]

Best Life Insurance Companies That Payout pay out

Best Life Insurance Companies That Payout in 2016 One of the biggest concerns life insurance buyers have is whether or not their insurance company will payout the full death benefit if they were to suddenly pass away.  The reason you spend your hard earned money each month on life insurance premiums is for it to be there in the event of an unexpected tragedy, you don’t want your family to be left penniless or destitute because your life insurance policy didn’t pay out the claim. Rest Assured with Life Insurance Claims Well the good news is life insurance policies always […]

2013 life insurance survey

Ever Wonder How Much Other People Pay for Life Insurance in 2014? A survey conducted last year by Harris Interactive showed nearly half of those polled pay less than $50 a month for their own (not group work coverage) life insurance policy.  One of the biggest misconceptions about life insurance is that it just costs too much.  For most people this is simply not the case.   For example, a 45-year male can purchase a $250,000 term life policy on a ten-year term for as low as $18 a month.  This would be for the best health class and only $31 […]

2016-8 Best Life Insurance Companies If Have High Cholesterol or You're Taking Cholesterol Medication

The Best Life Insurance Companies for High Cholesterol or for Those On High Cholesterol Medication in 2016 If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had or know someone who has or had high cholesterol at least one time in their lives.  It should come as no surprise that cholesterol medications such as statins are some of the most prescribed drugs in America.  Some of the most well-known drugs you see advertised on TV are statins medications such as Crestor, Lipitor, Zocor among many others. Better Life Insurance Guidelines for Cholesterol in 2016 Just as recent as a few years ago most companies […]

How Much Life Insurance Can You Buy? There is a Limit

There is a Cap On The Total Amount of Life Insurance You Can Have in 2016 Many people are surprised when they learn there is a cap on the amount of life insurance any one person can own 2016.  There is a common thought that you can purchase as much life insurance as you would like as long as you can pay the premiums.  This is not the case.  It’s called financial underwriting.  The purpose of any insurance policy is to provide coverage to an insured in the event of a specified loss.  Insurance is meant to replace what you […]