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How To Ace Your Medical Exam & Save Money!

by Scott G on October 7, 2012 · 2 comments

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Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test

As part of the application process, most life insurers are going to require a brief health screening.  The health screening, also referred to a a praamed exam, is done in the convenience of your home, office or a health facility.  It takes about 30 minutes and involves a certified health professional measuring your height, weight and taking a small blood and urine sample.  For some applicants, a resting EKG will be done as well.

Follow the tips to ace your exam & save money!

1. Take your medical exam in the morning, if you can.  The paramed exam is a fasting exam, meaning that you can only consume water and take any prescription medications as normal for 8 to 12 hours prior to the exam.  By taking your exam in the morning you will decrease the chances of breaking the fast than if you take your exam in the afternoon or evening time where the stresses and temptations will be more prevalent.  Also, when you first wake up, many readings will be at their lowest including your blood sugar.  I recommend that if can’t schedule the exam and perform the fast during the week, the try to schedule it for a weekend.

2. Fast for at least 8 hours, preferably 12 hours, drink plenty of waterMany sources and even other agents will suggest that you only need to fast for 4 hours prior to your paramed exam.  However, many of the doctors that I have spoken to said ideally for a fasting blood sample, you want at least 8, preferably 12 hours, of fasting.  What this means is that you only drink water and have your normal medications during that period.  This should not be too much of an inconvenience or too difficult to do if you stop eating the night before and you wake up and do the exam first thing the next morning.

3. No alcohol, caffeine or fatty meat products for at least 12 hours before exam.  Liver enzymes, blood pressure and cholesterol are just a few levels that could be elevated if you consume these products too close to the exam.  No double cheeseburger with fries for dinner the night before your exam!

4. Avoid Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, etc and nasal decongestants.  Many times people will forgot to abstain from these OTC medications for the fasting exam out of habit.  You want to avoid these prior to your exam.

5. Avoid strenuous exercise and activities 24-hours before the exam.  You don’t want to have elevated blood pressure, elevated protein levels or other faulty readings.

6Abstain from protein powders, vitamins and supplements before the exam.  These products could affect your readings and lab results as well.

7. Avoid nicotine prior to your exam. Nicotine is a stimulant, so wait until the exam is completed before you smoke.  Also, if you smoke an occasional cigar, don’t smoke leading up to the exam.

8. Finally, get a good night’s rest and relax before your exam and you should be fine!

Following these inside tips will help yield favorable blood test results, which will help you acquire the best rates for your life insurance

I have also written and eBook on this topic with more details on the exacts tests.  You can view the eBook to the right.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jupiter Jim October 13, 2012 at 4:42 am


these tips are so excellent and many are the things that you really don’t think about unless you are an industry insider such as you!

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this stuff. I know it will come in handy so I want to thank you in advance!

~ Jupiter Jupiter

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