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Obtaining Life Insurance while Taking Plavix

by Scott G on October 7, 2012

Life Insurance on Plavix

Life Insurance while Taking Plavix

Obtaining life insurance while on Plavix may be difficult but still possible.  Plavix (Clopidogrel) is an oral medication often used to reduce the chances of having a heart attack or stroke by assisting blood flow more easily.

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Plavix is typically used by people who may have had a heart attack, stroke or some type of heart disease. In most cases, if you have had or at risk for having one of those health concerns your agent will probably want to gather some information upfront and send a quick quote or inquiry to the underwriter.  This is very easy and in most cases anonymous.   The agent will gather information that will be pertinent to underwriting such as your build, health conditions, medications, etc. and in typically 48 hours or less, you will have a tentative offer or ballpark figure from multiple insurance companies.  There is no application, or medical exam at this point just an informal inquiry to get a “ballpark” estimate on the rating class and or if you are insurable.  Also, this offer is not guaranteed or binding.

So if you are taking Plavix and looking to secure life insurance, make sure you disclose this information to the agent from the get-go so he/she can identify the best companies for your situation from the start.  If you are taking Plavix and need a life insurance quote I can help you in find the best rates as well.

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