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Synthroid and Life Insurance Rates

by Scott G on October 26, 2012

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Synthroid Life Insurance

Millions of people in the United States have thyroid diseases.  And it’s more common in women than in men.  So it isn’t unusual that I speak with someone who is being treated (typically with Synthroid) for a thyroid condition when applying for life insurance.

What is a Thyroid Disorder?

Diseases of the thyroid gland can result in when either the body produces too much thyroid hormone which is called Hyperthyroid, (over active thyroid) or where the gland does not make enough hormone called Hypothyroid (under-active thyroid).

Let’s start with Hypothyroid (under-active thyroid) since it is more common.  The most prescribed medication for treatment for this condition is called Synthroid.  The main thing life insurance companies want to see when applying for life insurance while on Synthroid or another medication is that the hypothyroid condition is stable.  Since it is so common, being treated for hypothyroid and it’s stable on medication you still may qualify for the best rate class, Preferred Plus, Super Preferred, etc., if you would have otherwise qualified for it.

Some factors companies are often looking for in regards to hypothyroid:

When you were first diagnosed?

What medications are you on?

Ever been hospitalized for the hypothyroid?

When you last saw your physician for it and what was the diagnoses?

Other medical conditions?

In regards to Hyperthyroid, (over active thyroid), you with some carriers you still may be eligible for the best rate class if you were otherwise eligible, but they want to see if your hyperthyroid is corrected and controlled or stable and on medications for a period of time.

Other factor insurer’s may look for in determining your rate with Hyperthyroid is:

When you were diagnosed?

Medications that are being taken?

Treated with radiation?

Ever or currently have other health conditions such as an irregular heart rate, heart issues, weight loss, etc.?

Ever been hospitalized?

Last time saw your physician for the hyperthyroid and his diagnosis?

As you can see it is still possible to obtain life insurance with a thyroid condition and being on a medication like Synthroid, and at a great rate to boot!  Since every company has different underwriting guidelines and every situation is different, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable agent who can find the best rate for your particular situation.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.


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