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Get The Best Life Insurance Rate With Anemia

by Scott G on December 25, 2012

Life Insurance Pricing With Anemia

Get The Best Life Insurance Rate With Anemia


Is a common blood disorder that occurs when the level of healthy red blood cells in the body become too low.

Underwriting factors that determine the rating class with anemia underwriting:


•When were you diagnosed?

•Currently taking any medications for anemia?

•Ever been hospitalized for anemia?

•Any other medical problems?

Life insurance companies rating classes:

•Preferred Plus


•Standard Plus


Underwriting life insurance with anemia:


•Currently stable iron deficient anemia, normal blood test results, no complications, normal hemoglobin 2 years since last episode = likely Preferred Plus rating class.

•Mild Sickle Cell Trait= likely Preferred Plus rating class

•Not controlled, high blood count = Substandard rating class to decline

•Aplastic Anemia Disease = Decline

•Sickle Cell Anemia = Substandard rating class


Obtaining life insurance with anemia is usually not a problem.  By knowing the factors that affect life insurance rates, you can shop with confidence and know what to expect.  You can use the instant quote engine on this site to determine your rates.  Also, keep in mind underwriting will also look at build, health conditions and lifestyle.  If you fall into a lower rating category than you anticipate, that is ok, you can still buy a policy and ask the life insurance company to re-evaluate your rate once your health has improved.

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