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Advice On Getting The Best Rate On Life Insurance After A Heat Attack In 2016

by Scott G on December 31, 2012

Get best life insurance rates after a heart attack 2016

 How To Get The Best Life Insurance Rates After A Heart Attack In 2016


Many people think once they have a heart attack they are unable to ever get normal life insurance again.  This is not the case most of the time.   Due to advancements in medicine and life expectancy, if one has had a heart attack they can usually qualify for term life insurance and even permanent coverage.

The trick is to find the right company.  By working with an independent broker, they can anonymously shop your case around to get you a pre-approval at the best rate.  I have had many clients who suffered a heart attack and got approved a good price with an A+ rated company.  The agent just has to do some work on the back end to help the client find the right company.


A heart attack (myocardial infraction) occurs when blood flow to a section of your heart is blocked and the heart muscle is damaged or even dies.

Underwriting factors

When one has had a heart attack, the insurance company is always going to require your medical records.  If for some reason they can’t obtain them from your doctor you will be declined.  Most times the insurance company will be able to get your records from your physicians.  Once the underwriter has your medical records, they will evaluate all of your cardiac history, consultations, tests and treatments.  Also, the underwriter is going to want to make sure everything is now stable and all tests and follow-up visits that need to be completed are done.

Substandard rating classes

•Rated A-C 1

•Rated D-H 2

•Rated I & Above 3


Rating class after a heart attack (myocardial infraction)

Typically the best rating class available for non-nicotine users after a heart attack is rated class 1.  If you are over 40 years of age, no complications and your condition is favorable the rated class 1 is possibleThis rate is  just below the average rate class of the normal American!    Depending on the severity and the presence of other conditions will determine the exact rate –whether it is rated class 1, 2, 3 or a decline.

I have had many clients get approved who have had a heart attack before.  It’s important to choose the right company and agent/broker to ensure you don’t end up overpaying, or even worse get declined. By knowing the factors that affect life insurance rates, you can shop with confidence and know what to expect.  You can use the from below to find the best rate possible, just input your information.  Also, keep in mind underwriting will also look at build, other health conditions and lifestyle.  If you fall into a lower rating category than you anticipate, that is OK, you can still get a policy and ask the life insurance company to re-evaluate your rate once your health has improved.  Also, if you are not sure which rating category you fall into, just get in contact with me by using the contact tab and I can assist you.


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