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The Life Insurance Blood Test-What You Need To Know

by Scott G on December 8, 2012 · 2 comments

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Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test 2016 Edition

Ah, the life insurance blood test.  While the sound of it may not be pleasant, the good news is it’s really not that bad.

The whole exam process takes about a half an hour, and involves a licensed medical professional coming out to your home or office and taking your height, weight, blood pressure reading,  and a small blood and urine sample. In some cases, an EKG may be required.  It’s really similar to an annual checkup you get from your physician.

Why Does The Life Insurance Company Need A Blood Sample?

The blood sample is used to evaluate any health risks that could affect mortality.  Someone in excellent health will have a lower rate than someone in poor health.

What Exactly Is The Life Insurance Company Looking For?

A1C and Glucose (diabetes), kidney and liver function tests, cholesterol, drugs, diseases, and PSA levels (prostate).

I wrote an eBook that goes over the blood test in detail, including normal reference ranges.  You can download it for free to the right.

What Are Some Helpful Tips So I Can Get The Best Results On The Blood Test?

To get the best results on your blood test make sure you follow these tips:

-Try to do your exam in the morning.

-Fast for 8-12 hours before the exam.

-A week before your exam stick to a healthy diet.  Try to avoid or reduce your intake of fatty and salty foods.

-Do not drink alcohol in the days leading up to your exam.

-Avoid strenuous exercise 24 hours before your exam.

-The morning of your exam don’t eat any breakfast, have any coffee, or use any form of nicotine.

While there are excellent non-medical exam life insurance policies available, by doing the life insurance blood test you can save a lot of money!

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