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Life Insurance Rates With Barrett’s Esophagus

by Scott G on December 27, 2012

Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance Rates

How to get the lowest life insurance rates with Barrett’s esophagus

Barrett’s esophagus us a condition involving changes of the mucosal cells lining the lower esophagus due to injury often caused by chronic reflux of the stomach acid.


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Axid (generic-nizatide)

Metozok ODT (generic-metoclopramide)

Nexium (generic-esomperazole)

Pepcid, Pepcid AC (generic-famotidine)

Prevacid (generic-iansoprazole)

Prilosec (generic-omeprazole)

Protonix (generic-pantoprazole)

Reglan, Reglan ODT (generic-metoclopramide)

Tagamet )generic-cimetidine)

Nexium (generic-ezomeprazole)

Zantac (generic-ranitidine)

Zegerid (generic-ranitidine)

Underwriting factors


•On any medications for Barrett’s esophagus?

•Testing done with biopsies?

•Compliance with treatment and follow-ups with physician?

Rating classes


•Preferred Plus


•Standard Plus


•Rated A-C 1

•Rated D-H 2

•Rated I & Above 3


Rate class with Barrett’s esophagus


•Condition is mild and involves a short segment of the esophagus and a favorable biopsy, more than two years since diagnosis is even better:  possible Standard rating class

•Unfavorable biopsy, lack of follow-up: Substandard rating class to a decline


I have had many clients get approved who have had Barrett’s esophagus.  It’s important to choose the right company and agent to ensure you don’t end up overpaying, or even worse get declined. By knowing the factors that affect life insurance rates, you can shop with confidence and know what to expect.  You can use the instant quote engine on this site to shop for the best rates using this information.  Also, keep in mind underwriting will also look at build, other health conditions and lifestyle.  If you fall into a lower rating category than you anticipate, that is OK, you can still get a policy and ask the life insurance company to re-evaluate your rate once your health has improved.  Also, if you are not sure which rating category you fall into, just get in contact with me by using the contact tab and I can assist you.

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