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May 2013

Life Insurance for a 35 (thirty-five) Year Old

Best Life Insurance for Age 35 At the age of thirty five, you are likely more established in your career and have a family dependent on you and your paycheck.  Now is the time to have a safety net to protect your loved ones in case anything was to unexpectedly happen to you. Please finish reading this article, so you can see how important life insurance really is and just how inexpensive it really is, especially at the age of 35! Term vs. Whole life insurance-Which is best? Deciding on which type of policy you need is very important.  Many […]

2013 Top 5 Reasons Why ING Life Insurance Has Some of the Best Underwriting in America

Top 5 Reasons Why ING May Be the Right Life Insurance Company for You in 2014 Many of us are familiar with the company ING through their internet ING Direct savings accounts or their retirement investment accounts.  The famous orange lion and orange ball are ING’s distinct logos.  However, what many people are not aware of is the fact that ING ReliaStar Life Companies is one of the top 5 term life insurance companies in America.  What makes ING so competitive?   ING Life Companies allows your total cholesterol to reach up through 300 and remain eligible for the best […]

life insurance build chart 2016-heigh and weight

How much do I need to weigh in order to get a good rate on life insurance? Your build (height & weight) is one of the major factors in determining your life insurance rate. You could be in perfect health but if you weigh too much according to the insurance company’s build chart, you will end up paying a higher premium. What is a life insurance build chart? Below is a sample life insurance company build chart.  This is the first item the agent and eventually the underwriter look at in determining what risk class you fall into.  Every company […]

life insurance new fathers dads and mothers moms

Life Insurance for New Fathers (Dads) and Mothers (Moms) and Parents Congratulations! If you are reading this article you are most likely and proud new mom or dad.  Having a newborn for the first time is an amazing feeling that is difficult to put into words.  Life is no longer about you; it’s now about your child. You experience new feelings of love and joy that you have never felt before, it is the proudest moment of your life thus far, and a new emotion of protectiveness fills you to your core.  The health and happiness of your child is […]