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The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance in 2017

by Scott G on July 27, 2013

2017-The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance

Guest Post by: Toni Forsyth

The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance in 2017


While it is not always easy to talk about life insurance, the fact remains that it does provide a positive impact on our families during the worst-case scenario of a death, and therefore is something that eventually all of us will have to consider. There are many factors to consider when contemplating taking out life insurance, and some of the most important include the following:


  1. It is not easy to determine what might happen in the future.

 You can never tell when something unfortunate may happen during your life. Therefore, taking out life insurance can at least protect your family from the unexpected.


  1. You’ll be able to keep your loved ones financially secure even though you cannot provide for them anymore.

 In the event of your demise, the financial burden on your loved ones can be dramatic. However, a life insurance policy can help you by providing your family with some amount of financial security in order to protect their quality of life.


  1. Life insurance particularly works well when replacing your income.

 The income you earn can be critical to your family’s well being. Life insurance may be used to cover this income for a period of time.


  1. Life insurance makes it a little easier for your children to receive the education or lifestyle you wanted them to have.

A life insurance policy creates a guarantee on the future of your children’s welfare. The policy may be used to cover expenses relating to a child’s college education, a vehicle for that child or other high-value expenses over time.  


  1. Life insurance also covers many of the high costs that come with a death.

 Your family might be left with issues and problems like an estate tax, past bills from debts or other costs that by necessity come with a death. Life insurance may cover all of these expenses relating to any debts you have. After all, debt collectors will still be there even after death.


  1. Life insurance can keep the cost of a funeral from being overwhelming.

 The problem with so many funerals today is that they often cost as a bare minimum ten thousand dollars on average. This is a huge cost that often includes the casket, the reservations for a funeral home and many other common plot and burial charges. A life insurance policy will keep your family from struggling with this financial burden.


  1. Because of medical tests, its best to start a life insurance plan early. 

 It is not uncommon for many life insurance plans to require medical tests to be taken by those wishing to sign up. You can get lower payments by taking out insurance before you retire, or before the onset of major health problems. 


  1. It may encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

 You can rest assured that life insurance will be available to you if you are living a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that in some cases you can actually be refused a policy if you are unhealthy and unable to pass the medical exam. In addition, smokers who do get life insurance tend to pay more. Therefore, you might be encouraged to be healthier and change your lifestyle if you have life insurance. This could improve your life expectancy and potentially reduce your premiums.


  1. Financially speaking, it is a very sound idea.

 Life insurance is part of being financially secure when making preparations for the unexpected and the inevitable. It is wise to be prudent in situations such as this, and when you consider the pros and the cons, it simply makes much more financial sense for you to have a life insurance plan.   


  1. Simply put, it gives everyone peace of mind.

 It’s easier to live life to the fullest when everyone has the peace of mind of knowing that they have life insurance coverage.

Obtaining life insurance for yourself will help you to take care of those in your life even if you aren’t there anymore. Be sure to share those values with your family and to consider the benefits of such a policy when looking for ways to help your family.

Life insurance is made to help you live comfortably while also preventing serious problems with debts after your death. Check with Wealth Smart to see how such a policy can be used for you.

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