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The 8 Best Life Insurance Companies With High Cholesterol or If You’re Taking Cholesterol Medication 2016

by Scott G on August 3, 2013 · 1 comment

2016-8 Best Life Insurance Companies If Have High Cholesterol or You're Taking Cholesterol Medication

The Best Life Insurance Companies for High Cholesterol or for Those On High Cholesterol Medication in 2016

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had or know someone who has or had high cholesterol at least one time in their lives.  It should come as no surprise that cholesterol medications such as statins are some of the most prescribed drugs in America.  Some of the most well-known drugs you see advertised on TV are statins medications such as Crestor, Lipitor, Zocor among many others.

Better Life Insurance Guidelines for Cholesterol in 2016

Just as recent as a few years ago most companies would increase your premiums if you were being treated for high cholesterol, even if your cholesterol was under control with the medication.  Fortunately, many of the  top insurance companies have updated their underwriting guidelines to make it possible to still obtain the best rating class even taking a cholesterol treatment medication. 

8 Best Life Insurance Companies for High Cholesterol Medication in 2016

  1.   Banner Life – Eligible for best rating class-Preferred Plus Rating Class-Total cholesterol 120-300 with or without medication.
  2.     Protective Life– Eligible for best rating class-Select Preferred Rating Class-total cholesterol may not be lower than 130 untreated and may not exceed 275 with or without medication.  Cholesterol/HDL Ratio may not exceed 4.5.
  3.   Genworth Life-Eligible for best rating class-Preferred Best if total cholesterol treated or untreated maximum reading doesn’t exceed 240 mg/dl.
  4.         MetLife– Eligible for best rating class- Elite Plus-treated or untreated as long as acceptable level maintained for at least 12 months (all ages).  Ages 54 and under-total cholesterol 220/4.5, ages 55-69 230/4.5, ages 70 and over 150-240/5.0.
  5.    ING ReliaStar– Best rate class- Super Preferred still eligible if maximum cholesterol is 300 or under, with or without medication. Maximum Cholesterol/HDL ratio make is 5.0 and female is 4.5 to be eligible for the Super Preferred best rate class.
  6.   Transamerica– Eligible for best rating class- Preferred Plus– with or without medication total cholesterol 230/5.0 HDL ratio. Age 71+ 5.5 HDL ratio.
  7.   Prudential Life Insurance– Eligible for best rating class- Preferred Best-total cholesterol reading must be lower than 300 with and HDL ratio of 5.0.
  8.  Lincoln Financial– Minimum untreated cholesterol reading is 125.  Maximum cholesterol is 300, Treated or untreated, chol/hdl ratio is 5.0 or lower, for age 70 and up treated and untreated chol/hdl ratio is 5.5 or lower to remain eligible for best rating class Preferred Plus.

Wrap Up

Fortunately the days of paying higher premiums solely based on the fact if you are taking cholesterol medication are gone.  Now many of the top companies in the United States will still allow you to obtain their best rating class (that you would otherwise qualify for) even while being treated for high cholesterol.  There are many factors that go into choosing the best life insurance company  for you.  It is recommended that you work with an experienced life insurance agent who has access to many of the companies listed above to make sure you don’t needlessly overpay for your life insurance or choose a substandard company. 

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.  Find the best life insurance rates in America! Compare below.

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