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Is Your Legacy Currently Protected 2017?

by Scott G on August 18, 2013

The Best Reason to Purchase Life Insurance-love and legacy 2017

The best reasons to buy life insurance-love & legacy 2017

Sometimes it seem like we have too much insurance.  We are required to have auto insurance if we want to drive a car, mortgage insurance is a prerequisite from the bank before owning a home and now even health insurance is required by law.  However, the most important insurance of all is arguably life insurance.

Your life and legacy can’t be replaced

Unlike tangible possessions such as your home and automobile which can be replaced, life insurance- insures your legacy, which is intangible.  What would happen if you didn’t come home one night because you were killed in an auto accident?  Would your family be able to continue on with a similar lifestyle or would they struggle to pay for the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing?  What would happen with the same scenario but you had life insurance and your family could maintain their same lifestyle and even have money set aside for your children’s education?  How would each of these scenarios affect your legacy?

Please take a minute or four, to watch the video below from LifeHappens.org.  It shows a real life example of how life insurance can impact your family and legacy.

Life Insurance Legacy Video

Life insurance infographic



Life insurance is crucial

As you can see from the video, life insurance is not just “another type of insurance.”  Life insurance protects the ones you love, your family from potential devastation and ensures that you will leave a lasting legacy.  Can you really put a price on that?


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