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September 2013

$750k life insurance

Is $750k of Term Life Insurance Expensive? Life insurance rates have come down significantly over the past fifteen years.  The two main reasons; competition- mainly from the internet and technology and also the fact that life expectancies have increased. What does that mean for you?  Today you can purchase a high quality life insurance policy for pennies on the dollar.  Want to see an example? Sample Prices for $750,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Sample premium rates for a female, non-smoker at each companies best rating class for a 10-year term:   Conclusion With advances in technology, particularly the internet, life […]

cheap life

 How Cheap is Term Life Insurance in 2016? Too many Americans believe life insurance is too expensive in 2016.  This is evidenced by the 50-year low life insurance ownership levels in America according to LIMRA.  Since life insurance is optional unlike auto insurance, families put off the purchase until the “right time.”  Let me tell you something from years of experience in the industry and with speaking with over 10k life insurance consumers.  Now is the best time to buy life insurance.  You will likely never be as healthy as you are right now and defiantly will never be as […]

$200k of Life Insurance costs

 How Much is $200k of Term Life Insurance? Can you afford a high quality life insurance policy to protect your family?  Well if you spare about $.50 a day then the answer is YES.  One of the reasons why so many Americans do not have life insurance or not enough life insurance is because of the notion it costs too much.  Many families are struggling just to get by in this economy and spending additional money on life insurance isn’t in the budget.  However, these are the families that need life insurance most.  If the head of the household were […]

$300k of Life Affordable

Is $300k of Term Life Affordable? Many people assume to secure a $300,000 life insurance policy to protect one’s family will be expensive.  The reality is life insurance; in particular term life insurance is unbelievably affordable today.  Actually, as you will see below, a healthy 42-year old male can lock in a $300,000 policy for the next 20-years for less than $1 a day.  That is truly leveraging money to your advantage! Here are sample premiums for $300k on a 20-year term   Verdict After reviewing the rates for $300k, everyone who is eligible should have a life insurance policy […]

top 20 life insurance companies by rating

When shopping for life insurance it is imperative that you select a company that is financially strong.  There is no point in paying premiums to an insurer that may not be around in the future.  Fortunately A.M. Best provides an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.  A.M. Best is known as the industry standard for rating agencies in America. A.M. Best Rating Categories              Rating Chart  1. A++ A+ (Superior) (Superior)  2. A A- (Excellent) (Excellent)  3. B++ B+ B B- (Very Good) (Very Good) (Fair) (Fair)  4. […]

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors Many seniors have a misconception they are unable to secure an excellent rate on their life insurance policy just because they can be categorized as a senior.  Fortunately with new life insurance programs and the fact that we are living longer, life insurance premiums have really never been more affordable, especially for seniors. Choosing the correct policy as a senior is very important.  You need a policy that will not only meet your objectives but also your budget. Types of Policies Term Life-For seniors who are in average to excellent health, term life is a […]

6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People-Build

Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People in 2014 If you’re thinking about buying a new life insurance policy but have a concern that your waistline may prevent you from qualifying or from receiving a competitive price,  don’t fret you’re in luck.  If you look in the mirror and don’t see that of a fitness model looking back at you, rest assured can still receive a terrific rate on your next life insurance policy.  To make things even better, if you shed some of those spare lbs. in the future you can even reapply at no cost to receive lower […]

$100k Life Insurance Policy

Is $100k Life Insurance Enough? This coverage amount of $100k level term life insurance is an excellent policy choice for many people.  As I stated in my previous article, How Much Life Insurance Should You Really Have, most financial advisors recommend you carry at least 7 to 20 times your annual income in life insurance to adequately protect your family.  However, for those who have children that are older and are no longer dependent upon them, a $100k policy may be a perfect amount. How Much Does A $100k Term Life Insurance Policy Cost? Sample premiums for a 20-year level  […]

Cheap life insurance 2016 better

Is Cheaper, Really Better in Life Insurance in 2016? In today’s economy everyone is looking to save a buck but not at the expensive of quality.  The good news when it comes to purchasing life insurance is that you will not have to decide between the two.  Life insurance is one of those products where it’s best to shop mainly on price since the quality and security of the product are so heavily monitored and regulated by the state governments. So is cheaper, better when it comes to buying life insurance? The short answer, in most cases is yes.  Life […]