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What Are the Premiums for a $200k Term Life Insurance Policy?

by Scott G on September 24, 2013 · 2 comments

$200k of Life Insurance costs

 How Much is $200k of Term Life Insurance?

Can you afford a high quality life insurance policy to protect your family?  Well if you spare about $.50 a day then the answer is YES.  One of the reasons why so many Americans do not have life insurance or not enough life insurance is because of the notion it costs too much.  Many families are struggling just to get by in this economy and spending additional money on life insurance isn’t in the budget. 

However, these are the families that need life insurance most.  If the head of the household were to suddenly pass away how would the rest of the family pay for the basic things in life like food, shelter and clothing?

That is where life insurance helps out.  Just like auto insurance, it’s something you hope you never have to use but when you need it, you and your family are very thankful.

So what are the premiums for $200k of term life insurance today?

Sample premiums for a 20-year level term:

AgePreferred PlusPreferredStandard PlusStandard


Wrap Up

Life insurance premiums have never been more affordable.  With rates as low as they are right now every parent with dependable children has to have a life insurance policy.  With term length varying from 10 up to 30 years, there is a policy for everyone.


Need a quote on the lowest rates in the country?  Click on your state below.

Term Life Online September 26, 2013 at 7:40 am

Those rates look better than I found through some other quote providers for the parameters you mention above. Just wondering what is the carrier offering the best rate for the 20 year level term for $200K? is it Genworth, Banner or some other insurer?

Brian September 26, 2013 at 10:49 am

I just ran the quotes again and they are correct from Genworth. They were the lowest rates in the country. Have you found something different?

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