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How Much Does $750k of Term Life Insurance Cost?

by Scott G on September 30, 2013

$750k life insurance

Is $750k of Term Life Insurance Expensive?

Life insurance rates have come down significantly over the past fifteen years.  The two main reasons; competition- mainly from the internet and technology and also the fact that life expectancies have increased.

What does that mean for you?  Today you can purchase a high quality life insurance policy for pennies on the dollar.  Want to see an example?

Sample Prices for $750,000 Term Life Insurance Policy

Sample premium rates for a female, non-smoker at each companies best rating class for a 10-year term:

AgeSBLIBanner LifeMetLifeAIG



With advances in technology, particularly the internet, life insurance rates are at all-time-lows.  Rates were as much as 70% higher in the mid 1990’s!  Also, keep in mind, even though the rates are at historic lows, every year you get older they increase so now is the best time to secure a policy to protect your family.


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