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Looking for Cheap Life Insurance in 2016?

by Scott G on September 28, 2013

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 How Cheap is Term Life Insurance in 2016?

Too many Americans believe life insurance is too expensive in 2016.  This is evidenced by the 50-year low life insurance ownership levels in America according to LIMRA.  Since life insurance is optional unlike auto insurance, families put off the purchase until the “right time.”  Let me tell you something from years of experience in the industry and with speaking with over 10k life insurance consumers.  Now is the best time to buy life insurance.  You will likely never be as healthy as you are right now and defiantly will never be as young as you are today hence life insurance will never be as cheap as it is today.

How Much Will Term Life Insurance Really Cost Me Per Month?

Here are the best rates for the preferred plus rating class on a 10-year level term:

Age$100k$250k$500k$750k$1 Million



Cheap life insurance is not a myth in 2016.  The younger and healthier you are the less it’s going to cost.  As evidenced by the sample prices in the table, everyone who has dependent children or a spouse should have a quality life insurance policy to protect their family.  No longer is cost an obstacle in providing your family a safety net and peace of mind for their future.

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