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Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Suck 2017!

by Scott G on October 17, 2013 · 2 comments

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance 2017

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Suck 2017!

According to LIMRA (Life Insurance Management Research ) 50% of Americans say they need more life insurance.  With startling numbers like that it’s important to educate people that affordable life insurance doesn’t suck.  I know it’s another bill, but unlike the cable or electric bill, life insurance will act as a safety net providing financial security as well as preserving your legacy should something suddenly happen to you.  What other “bill” can say that?

Inexcusable in 2017

Since we are living longer, life insurance rates are at all-time-lows.  If you have a family dependent upon you and your salary, you need to have life insurance.  It is your responsibility to raise your children the best you can, whether you are here or not.  It’s irresponsible and inexcusable to have children who are dependent upon you for all of life’s necessities and to leave them to fend for themselves if you unexpectedly pass away.  Some may say I can’t afford it right now or it or I don’t have the time-I’ll do it later.  That is B.S…  A healthy 40 year old can buy $250,000 of term life insurance for $12 a month or less than $140 a year.  How much beer or other non-essential purchases would you have to sacrifice to hit the $12 mark-1,2 beers at a bar?  As far as the time, it takes about thirty minutes to one hour of your time.  Do you watch TV or sports during the week?  Then you can spare 30 minutes to protect your family.

Some also say that the chances of them dying prematurely are slim.  That is true.  However, according to the CDC, nearly two and half million deaths occur in the U.S. each day.  Are you willing to gamble with your family’s financial future that it will never happen to you? 

Bottom Line

The stigma of life insurance does suck.  No one wants to talk or even think about their own mortality.  However, it is something that needs to be addressed at least once.  After you have dealt with it you don’t have to think about it again and your family will thank you and you will have peace of mind.  See purchasing life insurance in 2017 doesn’t have to suck!

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No Exam Life Insurance October 17, 2013 at 11:59 am

Today, with rates so low, and an easy online application process, there’s really no reason not to buy the life insurance protection your family needs. In fact some insurers offer you the option of buying life insurance direct online and starting your life insurance coverage today, if you qualify. Even some no exam life insurance plans can provide an affordable way of protecting your family’s future.

Scott October 17, 2013 at 4:02 pm

True! Thanks for the comment.

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