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January 2016

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior 2017

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior in 2017 Choosing the best life insurance can be tricky at any age. The complexity of the industry makes even the idea of shopping for policies stressful, and if you have reached an advanced age it becomes even more complicated. As with most other situations, well-informed is well-prepared, and researching the different types of insurance and their various benefits and drawbacks will help you to make the best decision for your family. What is life insurance for? Understanding the purpose of life insurance is a very important step in the process. Many people hold […]

Single Moms Top 8 Life Insurance Tips (Mothers) 2017

Single Mom Life Insurance Tips for 2017 Let’s face it, being a single mother can be tough.  Many single moms are relying on a sole income to support themselves and their child or children.  Regrettably single parents are one the largest sectors in our country to not own life insurance.  This is unfortunate, because these households are the ones that need the life insurance most.  Since having life insurance as a single mom is critical, I put together an 8 step tip sheet to help answer common questions and to make the buying process a lot easier. 8  Life Insurance Tips […]

3 Insider Secrets & Tips from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent 2017

3 Insider Secrets from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent 2017 In the post today I wanted to revel some of the insider secrets or tips that I personally use and recommend to my friends and family who are thinking about purchasing life insurance.  Over the past several years I’ve written thousands of life insurance applications for around $1 billion of life insurance protection.    Best Insider Tips and Secrets 2017   1. Shop Around I know this may sound like common sense but you would be amazed by the number of people who don’t do this.  There are some […]

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam in 2017? When you apply for life insurance, a brief paramed exam will be done.  This includes a small blood draw.  One of the readings that will be evaluated are the liver enzymes; GGT, ALT and AST.  Since alcohol is processed in the liver, an elevated GGT enzyme could be an indicator of heavy alcohol use or liver injury.  Another reading the insurance company will look at is Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrein (CDT).  Unlike like the GGT test, the CDT is more sensitive and is a maker of recent heavy alcohol consumption.  CDT can […]