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Why I Created This Blog

In talking to all of my clients around the country about their life insurance needs, I’ve become acutely aware of a  common issue plaguing most insurance seekers:  they are either misinformed, uninformed or simply receive a barrage of confusing information, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the process.  Consumers are simply not being provided with the pertinent information needed to make the best buying decision to protect their family, business, estate or legacy.  Instead of assuredly choosing the best company to accommodate their unique situation, too many consumers are opting not to purchase life insurance all due to the aggravation they experience when choosing a plan.  That’s where I come in.  I created this blog with intention of alleviating the frustration and replacing it with the clear guidance that consumers need and deserve when selecting a life insurance plan.

Life insurance is a purchase you will likely only make once or a few times during your lifetime.  Understandably so, most consumers are equipped with only limited knowledge regarding companies, rates and general policy information.  A few of the most common questions I am often asked include: With so many companies out there, which one to choose?  Which company is going to give me the best rate?  Will the company be around or pay out if I need it to?  What doesn’t this policy cover?  Or how much life insurance do I need to adequately protect my family or estate?  These are just a few of the many inquiries that routinely come up when I speak with clients.

I intend for this blog to be the premier resource for public education.  I seek to create transparency so that all consumers can see behind the curtain of the life insurance industry and make the best purchasing decision for their situation.  It is best to work with a licensed, independent life insurance agent (or at least get a quote from one if you are working with one company) whose primary specialty is life insurance.  Make sure you ask your agent if he or she is independent and represents multiple companies so that he/she can shop around to identify the best rate for which you qualify.  Also, trust is imperative. Be sure that your agent is knowledgeable and harbors legitimate field credentials.  You must feel confident before and after the purchase that your agent is in your corner acting as your strongest ally, advocate and consultant.  In the meantime, allow me, TheLifeInsuranceInsider.com to be your premier source for personalized and accurate life insurance information, education and guidance.