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Life Insurance for Senior Diabetics

Life Insurance for Senior Diabetics Great news for those Seniors who were diagnosed as being diabetic and need life insurance.  A very well-known life company recently updated their underwriting guidelines to allow obtaining life insurance with diabetes easier and the rates are now a lot more affordable.  Many Senior diabetics can actually qualify for a non-diabetic rate!  Yes, you can receive the standard rating which is the same health class that the average American receives. How Do I Qualify? Age 50-59 For seniors who are over the age of 50 and have been diagnosed with diabetes within the past 15 […]

Post image for Diabetics in 2016 Can Now Obtain the Same Life Insurance Rates as the Average Citizen

Recent changes to the underwriting guidelines, for a select number of life insurance companies in 2016, has allowed those with well controlled type II diabetes to be approved at the same rates given to the standard applicant.  This is a monumental shift in life insurance underwriting for those who qualify.  What has changed in 2016? In years past, obtaining life insurance with diabetes has often been a nightmare.  Not only would the underwriting process take forever, but the rates were exorbitant.  On top of that, many companies have very strict underwriting guidelines which would cause certain applicants to be declined.  […]

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Great news for people who are being treated for Type II Diabetes and looking for better life insurance rates There are new underwriting guidelines for diabetics seeking to purchase life insurance.  Some companies are now offering regular-non-diabetic life insurance rates, especially for recently diagnosed, Type II Diabetics. A highly rated insurer, and part of one of the World’s largest insurance organizations, is now offering the Standard Rate Class to diabetics; who are over 40 years of age and the duration of the Type 2 Diabetes is 5 years or less, with an A1C reading of 7.0 or lower (with a […]