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2017 -6 Best (Top) Final Expense Life Insurance Options (Choices) for Seniors

6 Best Final Expense Life Insurance Options for Seniors in 2017 Choosing the best life insurance policy as a senior in 2017 can be tricky.  Almost every senior is looking for two basic components in a policy, one that is affordable and will pay out the out the death benefit when he or she passes away.  As simple as that sounds, finding a policy like this is rare.  Far too often, seniors end up purchasing a policy that doesn’t fit their needs and is ambiguous to them and their families.  This ambiguity often leads to despair when the senior passes […]

best life insurance for seniors

Life Insurance for Seniors When you are a senior, which is defined as over the age of 55 in the life insurance industry, you understand just how difficult it can be to find affordable life insurance rates. If the term insurance plan that you purchased when you were younger is up for expiration, or you put off buying insurance, you will need to compare the products through several carriers before you select the right plan for you. Finding a reasonably priced life insurance policy is not impossible when you are a senior, you just need to understand what to expect […]

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For the affluent, depending on your gross estate, everything you own may be subject to tax upon your death.  The taxes that must be paid to the federal government are called estate taxes.  A smaller but still substantial amount that may have to be paid to the state in which you live is called an inheritance tax.  While the laws regarding taxes are complicated, generally though, transfers between spouses at death are not subject to tax liability.  Conversely,  when the surviving spouse passes the estate to their heirs, often the children, that is when the tax is imposed and at […]