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Life Insurance Blood Test

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam

How Does Alcohol Affect The Life Insurance Exam in 2017? When you apply for life insurance, a brief paramed exam will be done.  This includes a small blood draw.  One of the readings that will be evaluated are the liver enzymes; GGT, ALT and AST.  Since alcohol is processed in the liver, an elevated GGT enzyme could be an indicator of heavy alcohol use or liver injury.  Another reading the insurance company will look at is Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrein (CDT).  Unlike like the GGT test, the CDT is more sensitive and is a maker of recent heavy alcohol consumption.  CDT can […]

life insurance build chart 2016-heigh and weight

How much do I need to weigh in order to get a good rate on life insurance? Your build (height & weight) is one of the major factors in determining your life insurance rate. You could be in perfect health but if you weigh too much according to the insurance company’s build chart, you will end up paying a higher premium. What is a life insurance build chart? Below is a sample life insurance company build chart.  This is the first item the agent and eventually the underwriter look at in determining what risk class you fall into.  Every company […]

life insurance with and without medical exam 2013 male female

Life Insurance With And Without Medical Exam   Guest Post: Robert J Hardy Life insurance is one of the most important financial investments of an individual’s life. It provides tax-free benefits to your loved ones that can help you pay off debts, funeral expenses and other costs associated with needs of your loved ones. These are imperative aspects of your financial plans and it is important to choose an appropriate life insurance policy for yourself. Most life insurance policy buyers need to go for a medical examination so that their medical condition can be ascertained. If however, the idea of […]

What Does A Life Insurance Blood Test Look For?

What Does A Life Insurance Blood Test Look For in 2016? When you apply for a life insurance policy, the insurance company is going to perform what is called an ABC-Automated Blood Count blood test.– Some labs refer to it as the CBC-Complete Blood Count   I put together a list of what exactly they will be testing for, so you can get the best results.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment. Blood Pressure Blood pressure is the force applied by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.  High blood pressure increases the risk […]

Post image for The Life Insurance Blood Test-What You Need To Know

Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test 2016 Edition Ah, the life insurance blood test.  While the sound of it may not be pleasant, the good news is it’s really not that bad. The whole exam process takes about a half an hour, and involves a licensed medical professional coming out to your home or office and taking your height, weight, blood pressure reading,  and a small blood and urine sample. In some cases, an EKG may be required.  It’s really similar to an annual checkup you get from your physician. Why Does The Life Insurance Company Need A Blood […]

Post image for What You Need to Know About The Life Insurance Physical–eBook!

Life Insurance Physical I wrote an eBook last week on-everything you need to know about the life insurance physical blood and urine test, including ideal reference range numbers.  I haven’t seen this detailed information readily available online, so hopefully this will answer a lot of questions about the test.  The life insurance physical eBook can be downloaded for free on the right sidebar on this site.  How much life insurance do you need? Let me know if you have any questions! Compare life insurance rates here!