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Life Insurance For New Parents

Life Insurance for Parents & Students- College-2013-Death not forgiven, Sallie Mae

The Less Known Importance of Life Insurance for Parents & Students Who are in College or Plan to Attend College If you are a parent or a student around college age, you are probably well aware of the cost of higher education these days.  When you look at the numbers it is just staggering how much a college educations costs in 2013.  According to the College Board, the full cost of a year at a public four-year school has increased an average of 83% and private universities saw a  74% increase, in just the past twelve years alone. What are […]

life insurance new fathers dads and mothers moms

Life Insurance for New Fathers (Dads) and Mothers (Moms) and Parents Congratulations! If you are reading this article you are most likely and proud new mom or dad.  Having a newborn for the first time is an amazing feeling that is difficult to put into words.  Life is no longer about you; it’s now about your child. You experience new feelings of love and joy that you have never felt before, it is the proudest moment of your life thus far, and a new emotion of protectiveness fills you to your core.  The health and happiness of your child is […]