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Life Insurance For Seniors

2017 -6 Best (Top) Final Expense Life Insurance Options (Choices) for Seniors

6 Best Final Expense Life Insurance Options for Seniors in 2017 Choosing the best life insurance policy as a senior in 2017 can be tricky.  Almost every senior is looking for two basic components in a policy, one that is affordable and will pay out the out the death benefit when he or she passes away.  As simple as that sounds, finding a policy like this is rare.  Far too often, seniors end up purchasing a policy that doesn’t fit their needs and is ambiguous to them and their families.  This ambiguity often leads to despair when the senior passes […]

4 Life insurance Policies That You Probably Shouldn’t Buy in 2017

Most of us know how important life insurance is.  Whether you have children who are dependent on you for all of life’s necessities or you are looking for a policy so your final expenses will not be a financial burden on those who you love, the importance of having the right life insurance policy cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, since the topic of life insurance isn’t the most pleasant subject to discuss, most shoppers are not properly educated on which policy would best fit their needs and why.  Who can you trust? Let’s be honest folks.  Life insurance agents are sales […]

2017 Top 20 Bucket List Ideas, life insurance

What’s on Your Bucket List in 2017? Today I wanted to share this survey I found.  It’s of seniors 55 years and over in the U.K. on the things they most want to do before they kick the “bucket.”  No matter what your age, this topic is gets you thinking.   Bucket List-Top 20   Conclusion Taking care of your family and making sure they are financially secure was number three on this list but it’s probably even a higher priority than that.   You can easily cross this one off of your bucket list by securing a high quality affordable […]

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior 2017

Purchasing Life Insurance as a Senior in 2017 Choosing the best life insurance can be tricky at any age. The complexity of the industry makes even the idea of shopping for policies stressful, and if you have reached an advanced age it becomes even more complicated. As with most other situations, well-informed is well-prepared, and researching the different types of insurance and their various benefits and drawbacks will help you to make the best decision for your family. What is life insurance for? Understanding the purpose of life insurance is a very important step in the process. Many people hold […]

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors Many seniors have a misconception they are unable to secure an excellent rate on their life insurance policy just because they can be categorized as a senior.  Fortunately with new life insurance programs and the fact that we are living longer, life insurance premiums have really never been more affordable, especially for seniors. Choosing the correct policy as a senior is very important.  You need a policy that will not only meet your objectives but also your budget. Types of Policies Term Life-For seniors who are in average to excellent health, term life is a […]

best life insurance for seniors

Life Insurance for Seniors When you are a senior, which is defined as over the age of 55 in the life insurance industry, you understand just how difficult it can be to find affordable life insurance rates. If the term insurance plan that you purchased when you were younger is up for expiration, or you put off buying insurance, you will need to compare the products through several carriers before you select the right plan for you. Finding a reasonably priced life insurance policy is not impossible when you are a senior, you just need to understand what to expect […]

$50,000 ($50k) Life Insurance

$50,000 ($50k) Life Insurance I’ve been receiving a lot of requests recently for a $50,000 term life insurance policy. Today, I want to address some misconceptions and problems with choosing this amount of coverage and recommend a better idea. When I ask a potential client “how much life insurance are you looking for,” I often hear “$50k.” Seems like a good amount, right? This will take care of final expenses, which are approximately $7k to $20k, pay off some bills and leave a little money for the kids or grand-kids. However, due to life insurance price bands and your needs, […]

Life insurance for seniors over 75 (Seventy-Five)

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 75 (Seventy Five) Choosing on the right type of life insurance policy for someone over the age of 75 can be tricky.  I talk to seniors and their children looking to secure a policy for their parents almost daily.  Needs, eligibility and costs are going to be the biggest factors for seniors in choosing the best policy. What kind of rate do can you get? Click here and see instantly Sample premiums for seniors 75 and over, using the quote engine on this site: Permanent policy–75 year old female, good health/preferred rating class, $25k permanent […]

Post image for Can One Still Get Life Insurance Over 80 Years Old?

Life Insurance Over 80 Years Old |Seniors Term & Estate Policies If you were born in 1928 or later, there are a few A+ rated companies that will offer you insurance, as long as you’re in average to good health.   You may be eligible for up to $1,000,000 or more of coverage depending on various factors.  However, many people will opt for a final expense policy in the neighbored of $5,000 to $15,000 since it is less expensive.  Fyi–the typical funeral costs in the United States range from about $7,000 to $15,000. How much is permanent coverage –Universal Life Policy […]

Post image for Term Life Insurance For Seniors

Best Term Life Insurance For Seniors 60 (Sixty) and Over Life insurance is essential for young adults who need to protect their children, future income earrings and financial obligations such as the mortgage.  Although seniors are at a different stage of life, the need for life insurance can be just as great.   Not only do many seniors have those same concerns as young adults but now they begin to think more about paying for final expenses, estate protection and preserving their legacy. Where do I begin when obtaining life insurance for a senior? The first thing I recommend is […]

Post image for Term Life Insurance For A 75 Year Old-Are Premiums Still Affordable ?

Many people assume that term life insurance rates are unaffordable once you reach your mid-70’s.  Well, this may or may not be true, it’s going to depend on your health and budget.  From the life insurance company’s perspective, they are “betting” that you will live through the duration of the term.  You as the consumer are “betting” that you will not live though the duration of the term or by the time the policy expires, you will have different financial obligations that you do today. Let’s take a look at the rates for a 75 Year Old Female seeking $100,000 […]

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Can Seniors Still Get Affordable Term Life Insurance Over 60? There are many reasons why someone may need life insurance over the age of 60, whether it is for income replacement, to cover mortgages and loans, or for funeral benefits.   I understand as long as people have families and obligations there is a need for life insurance.  When looking for life insurance over the age of 60, it is vital that you compare rates.  Prices can vary greatly from one company to the next when you are over 60. Get an instant Quote Here are the costs for life insurance […]

Post image for Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 (Seventy) Affordable term life insurance rates are still attainable for those who over the age of 70.  It’s important to shop with the correct companies to make sure you find the best rates. What kind of rate can I get? Click here and see instantly Sample Term Life Insurance Rates for Seniors over 70 $100k 10-year level term policy for a 70 year old female, non-smoker at the Preferred Rating class=$69.83 month with Transamerica.  A+ rated company with A.M. Best $100k 10-year level term policy for a 75 year old female, non-smoker at the […]