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Life Insurance Underwriting

6 Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People-Build

Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight People in 2014 If you’re thinking about buying a new life insurance policy but have a concern that your waistline may prevent you from qualifying or from receiving a competitive price,  don’t fret you’re in luck.  If you look in the mirror and don’t see that of a fitness model looking back at you, rest assured can still receive a terrific rate on your next life insurance policy.  To make things even better, if you shed some of those spare lbs. in the future you can even reapply at no cost to receive lower […]

Life insurance credits program for underwriting, better rate

Are you receiving your “Credits” on your life insurance application 2016? Most consumers aren’t aware that certain life insurance companies offer “Credits Programs” to give applicants applying for life insurance the opportunity to qualify for the best underwriting class available. Often times when someone applies for life insurance everything will be good except for one finding.  Whether you are just a little over the build chart for your height, or have elevated blood pressure or cholesterol or one of your parents had heart disease at an early age. This finding will unfortunately put you into a different rating class and […]

13 Money Saving Tips on Life Insurance 2016

13 Money Saving Tips Everyone Can Use Immediately in 2016 Everyone is looking to save money and with America still recovering from one of the toughest economic periods in our history, now is a great time to use some tips to save a few extra bucks each month.  13 Money Saving Tips for 2016 Below are 13 money savings tips that everyone can use.  Take a look to see what you can do to save some extra cash each month.  This may also give you some additional ideas on how you can save money in your everyday life.   13 […]

Life Insurance Application Questions

Typical Life Insurance Application Questions You Can Expect TheLifeInsuranceInsider.com is about education and transparency.  Since life insurance is a purchase you will only have to make once or a few times in your lifetime, the buying process is somewhat still of a mystery to most people. One of the most common questions new buyers have is; what kind of questions will the insurance company ask?  To better answer this, a sample application is provided below. (Every company does have their own application.)   GENERAL QUESTIONS   1. Will the insurance applied for replace or change any existing insurance or annuity? […]

Ulcer (Peptic Ulcer) Life Insurance

Will An Ulcer (Peptic Ulcer) Affect Life Insurance Underwriting? Peptic Ulcer- is an erosion of the lining of the stomach or duodenum-the first part of the small intestine. Due to the location, peptic ulcers can be very painful. Underwriting factors *What medications are being taking for the peptic ulcer? *Any gastrointestinal bleeding? *Condition of the ulcer? *Date of diagnosis? *Have you ever been hospitalized for the ulcer? *What was the result of your most recent doctor’s visit? Common medications for treatment of a peptic ulcer Antacids, antibiotics, Aciphex, Amoxil, Axid, Carafate, Dispermox, Flagyl, Kapidex, Maalox, Metozok, Mylanta, Nexium, Pepcid, Prevacid, […]

Does heartburn affect life insurance quotes?

Heartburn’s Affect On Life Insurance Rates   What Is Hearburn? Heartburn- is a common feeling or “burning” in the chest.  However, heartburn is not caused by the heart, rather it comes from the esophagus when acid backs up from the stomach.  Heartburn is a very common condition in America.  While the exact cause of heartburn is not known, there are known factors that make the reflux worse including: diet, eating habits, lifestyle, medications and other medical conditions. Common Medications for Heartburn Some of the most popular treatment options for the relief of heartburn include: Pepcid AC, Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac and […]

Sleep Medications Insomnia life insurance underwriting quotes

How Sleep Medications Affect Life Insurance Underwriting Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common sleep disorder in which people have trouble falling asleep/ staying asleep or both.  The end result is poor-quality sleep. Underwriting factors *What medications are being taken for insomnia or the sleep disorder? *Date of diagnosis? *Is the sleep problem related to depression? Common medications for treatment of insomnia or sleep disorder Ambien (zolpidem), Ativan (lorazepam), Lunesta (eszopiclone), Rozerem (ramelteon), Sonata (zaleplon) Silenor (doxepine) Life insurance underwriting with sleep medications If the insomnia is mild and only on one medication than the best health rating class is possible […]

AIG (American General Life) Lowers Premium Rates On Term Insurance in 2016 Review

AIG (American General Life) Lowers Premium Rates On Term Insurance- Good Option for 2016 In an effort to remain more competitive in 2016, AIG-American General Life lowered the rates on their term life insurance.  AIG had raised their rates in 2012, but to regain market share, lowered them in the first quarter of 2013. How Competitive Is AIG? With the rate reduction, their premiums now rank among the best in the industry for certain segments, especially on coverage amounts of $500,000 and up, and on the 20 and 30-year term. Example: 44-year-old male, premier (preferred plus) health class, $500,0000 is […]

Enlarged Prostate Life Insurance medications

Enlarged Prostate Medications and Life Insurance The prostate is a male reproductive gland that produces the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation.  When it is enlarged, the glad has grown in size. What kind of rate can I get? Click here and see instantly Typical underwriting questions When were you first diagnosed with this condition? Are you on any medications? What is the most recent PSA reading? Have you ever been hospitalized for this condition? Medications Avodart, Cardura, Flomax, Hytrin, Saw Palmetto, Uroxatral Possible rates with an enlarged prostate or while on prostate medications Age 59 or under, stable PSA […]

Life Insurance with Blood Clot DVT Phlebitis

Phlebitis is an inflammation of a vein, usually in the legs. When phlebitis is associated with the formation of blood clots (thrombosis), usually in the deep veins of the legs, the condition is called thrombophlebitis. These clots can travel to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolisms that can be fatal. Wikipedia Common Medications: Advil, Medipren, Motrin, Nuprin, Cataflam, Coumadin, Lovenox, Voltaren-XR. Underwriting Questions: •When were you diagnosed with this condition? •Are you on any medications for this condition? •Have you ever been hospitalized for this condition? •When was the date of your last physician fir this condition? •Have you ever been […]

Life insurance after non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Get the best life insurance rate with a history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma or non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Hodgkin’s lymphoma, formerly known as Hodgkin’s disease, is a cancer of the lymphatic system.  Hodgkin’s lymphoma is one of two common types of cancers of the lymphatic system, with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma being more common.  Underwriting factors •When were you diagnosed with the condition? •Date of last treatment? •What stage? •Type of treatment? Rating classes •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline Rates with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Standard (average) rating class possible, after […]

Get best life insurance rates after a heart attack 2016

 How To Get The Best Life Insurance Rates After A Heart Attack In 2016   Many people think once they have a heart attack they are unable to ever get normal life insurance again.  This is not the case most of the time.   Due to advancements in medicine and life expectancy, if one has had a heart attack they can usually qualify for term life insurance and even permanent coverage. The trick is to find the right company.  By working with an independent broker, they can anonymously shop your case around to get you a pre-approval at the best rate.  […]

Barrett’s Esophagus Life Insurance Rates

How to get the lowest life insurance rates with Barrett’s esophagus Barrett’s esophagus us a condition involving changes of the mucosal cells lining the lower esophagus due to injury often caused by chronic reflux of the stomach acid.   Lean how to ace the medical exam. Click here   Medications   Axid (generic-nizatide) Metozok ODT (generic-metoclopramide) Nexium (generic-esomperazole) Pepcid, Pepcid AC (generic-famotidine) Prevacid (generic-iansoprazole) Prilosec (generic-omeprazole) Protonix (generic-pantoprazole) Reglan, Reglan ODT (generic-metoclopramide) Tagamet )generic-cimetidine) Nexium (generic-ezomeprazole) Zantac (generic-ranitidine) Zegerid (generic-ranitidine) Underwriting factors   •On any medications for Barrett’s esophagus? •Testing done with biopsies? •Compliance with treatment and follow-ups with physician? […]

Life Insurance With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & (ADHD)

Get The Best Rate On Life Insurance With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & (ADHD) in 2014   Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is one of the three subtypes if attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  It  is a condition that refers to one’s inability to control their behaviors or impulses. What kind of rate can I get? Click here and see instantly   Medications   Adderall (generic-amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) Adderall XR (generic-amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) Aventyl (generic-nortiptyline) Pamelor (generic-nortiptyline) Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Ritalin SR (generic-methylphenidate) Strattera (generic-atomoxetine) Tofranil (generic-imipramine) Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL (generic-bupropion Zyban (generic- bupropion) Underwriting factors insurance company may ask […]

Get The Best Life Insurance Rates with Asthma

Get The Best Life Insurance Rates With Asthma By Choosing The Right Company   Asthma-is an obstructive lung disease characterized by reversible airway obstruction and airway hyper-responsiveness. Underwriting Factors   •Frequency of symptoms •Duration and intensity of exacerbations •Medications taken for treatment, including response to treatment •Smoking status •Any similar serious impairment •Number of asthma attacks in past year •Ever require a rescue inhaler Common medications   •Advair •Albuterol •Azmacort •Beconase •Hydrocortine •Ibuterol •Nacacort •Singulair •Symbicort •Theophylline •Xolair   Rating classes   •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline […]

Life Insurance After An Aneurysm Underwriting & Rates

What to expect when applying for life insurance after an aneurysm   Aneurysm-An abnormal dilation of the aorta of other artery associated with an increased risk of rupture or dissection.   Underwriting factors   •Precise diagnosis •Location and size of aneurysm •Treatment •Presence or absence of symptoms •Any CAD, HTN, CVD, COPD or renal disease •Smoker or not •Regular check-ups   Risk Categories   •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline Possible range of underwriting results   •If the aneurysm was small, not requiring surgery rating class: Possible Mild […]

Life Insurance Underwriting With Anxiety Disorder

Life Insurance Underwriting With An Anxiety Disorder   Anxiety disorder is a blanket term covering several different forms of a type of common psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive rumination, worrying, uneasiness, apprehension and fear about future uncertainties either based on real or imagined events, which may affect both physical and psychological health.  Wikipedia   Medications:   Atovan (gemeric-lorazepam)   Paxil (generic-paroxetine) Buspar (generic-buspirone)     Paxil CR (generic-paroxetine) Celexa ( generic-citalopam)     Prozac (generic-fluoxeine) Cymbalta                                 Wellbutrin (generic-bupropion) Desyrel (tazodone)                  Xanax (alprazolam) Effexor (venlafaxine)               Zoloft (sertraline) Klonopin (clonazepam)           Zyban (bupropion) Lexapro (generic-escitalopram) Underwriting factors:   […]

Life Insurance Pricing With Anemia

Get The Best Life Insurance Rate With Anemia Anemia Is a common blood disorder that occurs when the level of healthy red blood cells in the body become too low. Underwriting factors that determine the rating class with anemia underwriting:   •When were you diagnosed? •Currently taking any medications for anemia? •Ever been hospitalized for anemia? •Any other medical problems? Life insurance companies rating classes: •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard Underwriting life insurance with anemia:   •Currently stable iron deficient anemia, normal blood test results, no complications, normal hemoglobin 2 years since last episode = likely Preferred Plus rating […]

Post image for Alcoholism and Life Insurance | What You Need To Know

Alcoholism is a term used for problems with alcohol, levels that interfere with health, relationships, social and occupational responsibilities. Factors in life insurance underwriting with alcoholism:   Dates of treatment and diagnosis? Any relapse from abstinence? Any legal problems? Liver enzymes readings? Any health problems? Any drug abuse history? Medications:   Pediapred Liquid, Medrol(generic=prednisolone) Femiron, Feosol (generic-iron supplement) Epogen, Procrit (generic-epoetin alfa) FA8 (generic-folic acid) Life insurance companies rating classes:    •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard Determining your rate with a history of alcoholism:   More than 10 years complete abstinence from alcohol= likely Preferred Plus More than 5 […]

How Does Acid Reflux (Gerd) Affect My Life Insurance Application?

Acid Reflux (Gerd) & Life Insurance Underwriting 2014 Acid Reflux—(Gerd)   A condition in which the stomach contents leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. Medications:   Aciphex (generic-rabepazole)                                                              Pepcid AC (generic- famotidine) Prevacid (generic-iansoprazole) Prilosec (generic-omeprazole) Protonix (generic-pantoprazole) Regian (generic-metoclopramide) Regian ODT (generic-metoclopramide) Tagamet-(generic-cimetidine) Zantac (generic-ranitdine) Zegerid (generic-omeprazole) Axid (generic-nizatide)                                          Carafate (generic-sucralfate) Kapidex Metozok (generic—metoclopramide) Nexium (generic-esomeprazole)                                  Underwriting Factors With Acid Reflux:   •Date of diagnosis •Is the medication over the counter? Is it working? •Number of medications taking for Acid Reflux? •How are symptoms? •Outcome of recent doctor’s visit? •Any other medical conditions? Life insurance […]