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Insider- What Type of Life Insurance Does My Agent Really Have?

What Type of Life Insurance Does My Agent Really Have in 2017? When someone gives you advice or a recommendation and they are considered an “expert”, it’s only human nature to wonder if they follow or heed that same advice.  Well, today I will pull back the curtain and extinguish the curiosity that many life insurance shoppers and policy holders want to know, “So Mr. or Mrs. Agent, what type of life insurance do you have on yourself?” Agent Ownership According to the 2013 National Underwriter Life Insurance Study, 68 percent of life insurance agents own at least two types […]

Obamacare (Obma Care) Life Insurance Impact 2017

Obamacare’s Impact on Life Insurance in 2017 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), better known as Obamacare was passed into law on March 23, 2010.  Although the law was passed seven years ago, there is still a good deal of confusion about what the law and what it covers.  The Purpose of Obamacare The purpose of the law is to cover more Americans with affordable health care.  No one will be excluded, even people with pre-existing conditions.  The controversial aspect of the law is that it makes it mandatory that every American has to have health insurance. Another […]

2017-The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance

Guest Post by: Toni Forsyth The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance in 2017   While it is not always easy to talk about life insurance, the fact remains that it does provide a positive impact on our families during the worst-case scenario of a death, and therefore is something that eventually all of us will have to consider. There are many factors to consider when contemplating taking out life insurance, and some of the most important include the following:   It is not easy to determine what might happen in the future.  You can never tell when […]

2013 Top 5 Reasons Why ING Life Insurance Has Some of the Best Underwriting in America

Top 5 Reasons Why ING May Be the Right Life Insurance Company for You in 2014 Many of us are familiar with the company ING through their internet ING Direct savings accounts or their retirement investment accounts.  The famous orange lion and orange ball are ING’s distinct logos.  However, what many people are not aware of is the fact that ING ReliaStar Life Companies is one of the top 5 term life insurance companies in America.  What makes ING so competitive?   ING Life Companies allows your total cholesterol to reach up through 300 and remain eligible for the best […]

The 10 Worst Life Insurance Companies 2013

Here are the 10 lowest ranked life insurers in America (by Comdex Ranking) Recently I posted a list of the best life insurance companies America by admitted assets which has been well received so far.  After reading the list, a few people have asked me out of curiosity “so who are the worst life insurance companies?”  That got me wondering as well.  Since there are many different ways an insurance company can be evaluated, (i.e. admitted assets, amount issued, customer service, etc.)  for the purposes of this list, the Comdex ranking was used. What is a Comdex Ranking? Comdex actually […]

Life Insurance for Senior Diabetics

Life Insurance for Senior Diabetics Great news for those Seniors who were diagnosed as being diabetic and need life insurance.  A very well-known life company recently updated their underwriting guidelines to allow obtaining life insurance with diabetes easier and the rates are now a lot more affordable.  Many Senior diabetics can actually qualify for a non-diabetic rate!  Yes, you can receive the standard rating which is the same health class that the average American receives. How Do I Qualify? Age 50-59 For seniors who are over the age of 50 and have been diagnosed with diabetes within the past 15 […]

10 (Ten) Year Term Life Insurance

10 (Ten) Year Term Life Insurance in 2016 Choosing the right term for your life insurance policy can be confusing. You don’t want to pay higher premiums for insurance that you won’t need but you also don’t want to be without insurance protection when you need it.  So what should you do? Term life insurance is typically the best policy for most Americans since it allows you to have the most amount of coverage at the lowest price.  Some of the biggest proponents for term life insurance include the popular financial advisors you see on TV; Susie Orman, Dave Rasmey […]

Top Life Insurance Companies & Ratings

Top Life Insurance Companies If you are looking for a list of the top 10 life insurance companies in America than you came to the right place.  When you are making one of the most important purchases in your life, you want to have as much information as possible.  You need to know that if anything were to happen to you, the insurance company will be around to pay out the claim.  When you finish reviewing the list below, please use the free quote engine to receive instant quotes from most of these top companies.  This will save you and […]

Best Life Insurance Policies

The Best Life Insurance Policies Choosing the best life insurance for your situation can be daunting.  With so much conflicting information, this article will go over the differences so that you will be better informed and can choose the right policy. Term Life Insurance Term life insurance is typically the best policy for most Americans since it allows you to have the most amount of coverage for the lowest price.  Some of the most outspoken advocates for term life are the popular financial advisors you see on TV; Susie Orman, Dave Rasmey and Clark Howard.  The strategy with term life […]

AIG (American General Life) Lowers Premium Rates On Term Insurance in 2016 Review

AIG (American General Life) Lowers Premium Rates On Term Insurance- Good Option for 2016 In an effort to remain more competitive in 2016, AIG-American General Life lowered the rates on their term life insurance.  AIG had raised their rates in 2012, but to regain market share, lowered them in the first quarter of 2013. How Competitive Is AIG? With the rate reduction, their premiums now rank among the best in the industry for certain segments, especially on coverage amounts of $500,000 and up, and on the 20 and 30-year term. Example: 44-year-old male, premier (preferred plus) health class, $500,0000 is […]

Buying life insurance in 2016, rates, markets, trends, products

Life Insurance In 2016, Rates & Trends To Expect  The life insurance industry saw big changes in the later part of 2012, and we can expect to see even bigger changes moving forward today in 2016.  Many of the major life carriers increased their premiums in 2012, and some companies even dropped some of their most popular products from their portfolio like the 30-year guarantee level term policy.  This was mainly due to the historic low interest rate environment.  While low interest rates are great for obtaining a mortgage or auto loan, it makes it difficult for insurance companies to […]

Post image for Diabetics in 2016 Can Now Obtain the Same Life Insurance Rates as the Average Citizen

Recent changes to the underwriting guidelines, for a select number of life insurance companies in 2016, has allowed those with well controlled type II diabetes to be approved at the same rates given to the standard applicant.  This is a monumental shift in life insurance underwriting for those who qualify.  What has changed in 2016? In years past, obtaining life insurance with diabetes has often been a nightmare.  Not only would the underwriting process take forever, but the rates were exorbitant.  On top of that, many companies have very strict underwriting guidelines which would cause certain applicants to be declined.  […]

Post image for Can The Life Insurance Blood Test Detect Recent Alcohol Use?

Yes, but..  Most life insurance companies require a brief physical performed by a health professional paid for by the insurance company. The exam takes about 30 minutes and entails the recording your height, weight and blood pressure. They will also take a small blood and urine sample.  Will alcohol show up on my life insurance blood test if I had a drink recently? The insurance companies perform what is called an ABC-Automated Blood Count blood test.  Some labs refer to it as the CBC-Complete Blood Count.  The ABC blood test does check the liver enzymes like GGT, ALT, AST as […]

Post image for State Farm Life Insurance Review 2013

State Farm Review 2014 We’ll begin by saying that State Farm is a great property and casualty company.  A testament to this is the over 16k agent offices around the country.  I actually have a friend who owns his own State Farm agency and have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years that have policies with State Farm.  They all acknowledge that State Farm is a great company and rarely do you ever hear anything negative. How about life insurance rates? With that being said, it’s known that the life insurance line of State Farm is rarely […]

Post image for How Affordable is $1,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy?

$1,000,000 Term Life Insurance   When you begin to evaluate your life insurance needs, you will soon realize that the amount of money you would need to replace your income is higher than you anticipated.  Between the amount of money you need to replace your income, pay off debts and cover your children’s education, a $1,000,000 may be exactly what you need.  Use the needs analysis calculator to see how much life insurance you need Is a million dollars’ worth of life insurance going to cost me a lot of money though? Term life insurance is very inexpensive today.  A […]

AIG Direct Review

by Scott G on November 12, 2012

Post image for AIG Direct Review

AIG Life Insurance Review American International Group, Inc. (AIG) the multinational insurance company that was famously bailed out by the Federal Reserve in 2008, announced Sunday of further rebranding and use of the AIG name for its core insurance units. The ill-fated decision made by AIG to expand into the credit default swap market caused the company to collapse.  AIG then received a total of $182 billion in bailout funds, making it the largest federal bailout in U.S. history. However, the company is quickly shedding its stigma from the 2008 financial crisis and has returned to profitability.  Fast forward 5 […]

Post image for Top 5 Reasons Why Procrastinating May Cost You More Money In 2013

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to stop procrastinating when it comes to purchasing life insurance 1.  You love your family members and want to protect them.  As the old adage goes, “there are only two things in life that are certain: death and taxes”.  Life insurance can offer protection you with respect to one or even both of these certainties.  Life insurance replaces income that you would have earned and protects your spouse and children’s financial future.  Also, it can protect your heirs from estate taxes, for those who are subject to them.  Life insurance protects […]

Life Insurance 2012-2013---Which Compaines Are Offering The Best Rates

Every life insurance shopper is trying to find the best policy at the lowest price.  Unfortunately, too many life insurance consumers are currently paying much more for their life insurance policy than they need to.  A common theme I see when talking to people about life insurance is that they only contact one or two companies, and thus end up overpaying for a policy.  Countless Americans can either pay less money per month on their current policy or acquire much more coverage for the same price that they are paying now. Let’s look at an example using State Farm.  According […]

Post image for New Life Insurance Diabetes Guidelines for 2016

Great news for people who are being treated for Type II Diabetes and looking for better life insurance rates There are new underwriting guidelines for diabetics seeking to purchase life insurance.  Some companies are now offering regular-non-diabetic life insurance rates, especially for recently diagnosed, Type II Diabetics. A highly rated insurer, and part of one of the World’s largest insurance organizations, is now offering the Standard Rate Class to diabetics; who are over 40 years of age and the duration of the Type 2 Diabetes is 5 years or less, with an A1C reading of 7.0 or lower (with a […]

Post image for What does the 4506T-EZ Form Have to do With My Life Insurance Application?

The 4506T-EZ Form and My Life Insurance Application Some life insurance companies are now requiring the 4506T-EZ (Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript) IRS form to be completed as part of the life insurance application.  One company for instance, is requiring all applicants over the age of 26 complete the 4506T-EZ IRS form, while another company is requiring that the form be completed for applicants applying for certain face amounts and or if you are over a certain age and face amount.  While the implementation of the 4506T-EZ may be a new practice in life insurance underwriting, it […]

Post image for Should You Buy Your Life Insurance at Walmart?

Walmart Life Insurance Review The largest retailer in the world has recently announced they are selling life insurance policies to certain stores in Georgia and South Carolina.  The policies will be handled by MetLife and will consist of one-year prepaid life insurance policies ranging from $10k to $25k depending on age and how much coverage you are seeking. Walmart customers simply purchase a prepaid card at the store and call a toll free number provided by MetLife to activate the life insurance policy. This may be an easy alternative for consumers looking to purchase a small amount of life insurance […]

Post image for Lower Rates and Improved Guidelines for Buying Life Insurance with Hypertension 2012-2013

Purchasing Life Insurance While Taking Lisinopril or another High Blood Pressure Medication   Obtaining a great life insurance rate while being treated for hypertension just became easier.  Whether you are currently taking Lisinopril (Prinivil), Amlodipine besylate (Norvasc), a water pill or any other medication for hypertension you still may qualify for the best possible rate class.  Hypertension or (high blood pressure) is one of the most common health concerns I encounter when quoting someone for life insurance.  And Lisinopril (Prinivil) is one of America’s most prescribed medications and a common treatment for high blood pressure.  According to the CDC, as […]