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4 Tips To Beat the Life Insurance Company to Get the Cheapest Rates

4 Tips To Beat the Life Insurance Company in 2017 Let’s be honest, no one likes buying life insurance or even talking about it for that matter.  Most people have a preconceived notion that insurance companies are this big bad greedy corporate scrooge looking to take advantage of them.  Pssst, want to know something?  Insurance is a business, a very profitable business and insurance companies are looking to make the most revenue they can.  So there is some validity in the notion insurance companies are looking out for their best interest because they are. When I talk to clients for […]

5 Secrets about Your Life Insurance Policy You Must Know Today 2017

5 Secrets about Your Life Insurance Policy You Must Know for 2017 So you got approved for your life insurance policy and made the first payment, you are all done, right? Not quite.  There is still the task of reading over the actual policy contract filled with all of its legalese.  It isn’t fun but it is important to know the ins and outs of your policy when dealing with such an important document.  If you haven’t had the chance to read over your policy yet, this article will go over some of the important aspects you may not be […]

Read and understand Life Insurance Company Ratings 2017

Understanding Life Insurance Company Ratings in 2017 One of the biggest concerns for someone in the market for life insurance beside cost is choosing a company with superior financial stability.  With over 1,000 life insurance companies in America in 2017, narrowing down the right one can seem overwhelming.  The good news is with a little knowledge of how the industry works; choosing the correct company is a lot less complicated than it appears. All Strong Companies Payout Claims As discussed in the previous post, all life insurance companies payout all valid claims.  There isn’t a grey area as there are […]

 Suze Orman or Clark Howard recommend life insurance amount coverage

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need in 2017? When shopping for life insurance one of the most common questions people have is; how much life insurance do I really need to protect my family?  The truth is the amount will vary for each person since every family and situation is unique.  However, there are general rules of thumb the experts use when working with their clients in 2017. Rule of Thumb Many financial advisors recommend having a minimum of at least seven (7x) to ten times (10x) your annual salary in total life insurance.  For example, if you make […]

4 Easy to Follow Tips to Significantly Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums 2017

4 Tips to Significantly Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums in 2017 When you’re in the market to purchase term life insurance, there are some rules you must follow to ensure you don’t needlessly overpay for your policy.  By just following these four simple tips you could end up saving a lot of money each month which could equate to thousands of dollars or more over the life of your policy.   1.       Shop Around-Receive More Than One Quote This is the first tip because it’s the most important.  Many life insurance shoppers make the mistake of purchasing their policy from […]

4 Life insurance Policies That You Probably Shouldn’t Buy in 2017

Most of us know how important life insurance is.  Whether you have children who are dependent on you for all of life’s necessities or you are looking for a policy so your final expenses will not be a financial burden on those who you love, the importance of having the right life insurance policy cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, since the topic of life insurance isn’t the most pleasant subject to discuss, most shoppers are not properly educated on which policy would best fit their needs and why.  Who can you trust? Let’s be honest folks.  Life insurance agents are sales […]

3 Insider Secrets & Tips from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent 2017

3 Insider Secrets from a Top Producing Life Insurance Agent 2017 In the post today I wanted to revel some of the insider secrets or tips that I personally use and recommend to my friends and family who are thinking about purchasing life insurance.  Over the past several years I’ve written thousands of life insurance applications for around $1 billion of life insurance protection.    Best Insider Tips and Secrets 2017   1. Shop Around I know this may sound like common sense but you would be amazed by the number of people who don’t do this.  There are some […]

Life Insurance Tips for New Parents 2017

Guest Post: Claire Atkinson Life Insurance Tips for New Parents If you are a new parent, do you have the type of life insurance that will provide you with adequate coverage now that your young family is growing? There are certain things to take into consideration about life insurance once you start having children. 1. Do you have enough insurance? • When you initially invested in life insurance, you bought enough coverage for yourself and possibly your spouse. Now that you are a new parent, you will need to check out the coverage you currently have to see if it […]

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance 2017

Purchasing Affordable Life Insurance Doesn’t Suck 2017! According to LIMRA (Life Insurance Management Research ) 50% of Americans say they need more life insurance.  With startling numbers like that it’s important to educate people that affordable life insurance doesn’t suck.  I know it’s another bill, but unlike the cable or electric bill, life insurance will act as a safety net providing financial security as well as preserving your legacy should something suddenly happen to you.  What other “bill” can say that? Inexcusable in 2017 Since we are living longer, life insurance rates are at all-time-lows.  If you have a family […]

cheap life

 How Cheap is Term Life Insurance in 2016? Too many Americans believe life insurance is too expensive in 2016.  This is evidenced by the 50-year low life insurance ownership levels in America according to LIMRA.  Since life insurance is optional unlike auto insurance, families put off the purchase until the “right time.”  Let me tell you something from years of experience in the industry and with speaking with over 10k life insurance consumers.  Now is the best time to buy life insurance.  You will likely never be as healthy as you are right now and defiantly will never be as […]

2017-The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance

Guest Post by: Toni Forsyth The Top 10 Reasons You Must Have Life Insurance in 2017   While it is not always easy to talk about life insurance, the fact remains that it does provide a positive impact on our families during the worst-case scenario of a death, and therefore is something that eventually all of us will have to consider. There are many factors to consider when contemplating taking out life insurance, and some of the most important include the following:   It is not easy to determine what might happen in the future.  You can never tell when […]

How Long Does It Take for a Life Insurance Policy to Pay Out Money?

What is the Average Turnaround Time for a Life Insurance Policy to Payout the Claim Money 2016? One of the most common questions I receive regarding life insurance is “How long does it take for the life insurance company to payout the money if I passed away?”  This is very important because you don’t want your family to be left in financial limbo waiting for proceeds from your policy.  The initial period after an unexpected loss is stressful enough, you don’t need you family to be waiting around indefinitely for the life insurance money.  The reality is that the bills […]

8 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance from The National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Consumer Alert: Life Insurance Purchasing Tips from the NAIC 8 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance from The National Association of Insurance Commissioners to Follow in 2014 Life insurance is an important purchase for most Americans because it can provide income replacement to beneficiaries in the event of a death. Life insurance policies are available from more than 2,000 life insurance companies in the United States. Here are some tips from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to help you get the best value for your life insurance dollar. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a voluntary organization of […]

13 Money Saving Tips on Life Insurance 2016

13 Money Saving Tips Everyone Can Use Immediately in 2016 Everyone is looking to save money and with America still recovering from one of the toughest economic periods in our history, now is a great time to use some tips to save a few extra bucks each month.  13 Money Saving Tips for 2016 Below are 13 money savings tips that everyone can use.  Take a look to see what you can do to save some extra cash each month.  This may also give you some additional ideas on how you can save money in your everyday life.   13 […]

life insurance with and without medical exam 2013 male female

Life Insurance With And Without Medical Exam   Guest Post: Robert J Hardy Life insurance is one of the most important financial investments of an individual’s life. It provides tax-free benefits to your loved ones that can help you pay off debts, funeral expenses and other costs associated with needs of your loved ones. These are imperative aspects of your financial plans and it is important to choose an appropriate life insurance policy for yourself. Most life insurance policy buyers need to go for a medical examination so that their medical condition can be ascertained. If however, the idea of […]

Best Life Insurance Policies

The Best Life Insurance Policies Choosing the best life insurance for your situation can be daunting.  With so much conflicting information, this article will go over the differences so that you will be better informed and can choose the right policy. Term Life Insurance Term life insurance is typically the best policy for most Americans since it allows you to have the most amount of coverage for the lowest price.  Some of the most outspoken advocates for term life are the popular financial advisors you see on TV; Susie Orman, Dave Rasmey and Clark Howard.  The strategy with term life […]

term life insurance and whole life insurance

Term and whole life insurance policies –       Choosing the right one Guest post by: “Max Snyder a freelance writer and a blogger Human life has always been priceless. This is a fact that has gained a hell lot of importance with time. Life insurance is the biggest proof of all. It is through life insurance policies that people are now able to make sure the future of their near and dear ones stay well protected in case of any unfortunate accident. The most important thing that one must focus on while looking for life insurance policies is […]

What Does A Life Insurance Blood Test Look For?

What Does A Life Insurance Blood Test Look For in 2016? When you apply for a life insurance policy, the insurance company is going to perform what is called an ABC-Automated Blood Count blood test.– Some labs refer to it as the CBC-Complete Blood Count   I put together a list of what exactly they will be testing for, so you can get the best results.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment. Blood Pressure Blood pressure is the force applied by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.  High blood pressure increases the risk […]

Post image for Can The Life Insurance Blood Test Detect Recent Alcohol Use?

Yes, but..  Most life insurance companies require a brief physical performed by a health professional paid for by the insurance company. The exam takes about 30 minutes and entails the recording your height, weight and blood pressure. They will also take a small blood and urine sample.  Will alcohol show up on my life insurance blood test if I had a drink recently? The insurance companies perform what is called an ABC-Automated Blood Count blood test.  Some labs refer to it as the CBC-Complete Blood Count.  The ABC blood test does check the liver enzymes like GGT, ALT, AST as […]

Post image for The Life Insurance Blood Test-What You Need To Know

Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test 2016 Edition Ah, the life insurance blood test.  While the sound of it may not be pleasant, the good news is it’s really not that bad. The whole exam process takes about a half an hour, and involves a licensed medical professional coming out to your home or office and taking your height, weight, blood pressure reading,  and a small blood and urine sample. In some cases, an EKG may be required.  It’s really similar to an annual checkup you get from your physician. Why Does The Life Insurance Company Need A Blood […]

Post image for What You Need to Know About The Life Insurance Physical–eBook!

Life Insurance Physical I wrote an eBook last week on-everything you need to know about the life insurance physical blood and urine test, including ideal reference range numbers.  I haven’t seen this detailed information readily available online, so hopefully this will answer a lot of questions about the test.  The life insurance physical eBook can be downloaded for free on the right sidebar on this site.  How much life insurance do you need? Let me know if you have any questions! Compare life insurance rates here!

Life Insurance 2012-2013---Which Compaines Are Offering The Best Rates

Every life insurance shopper is trying to find the best policy at the lowest price.  Unfortunately, too many life insurance consumers are currently paying much more for their life insurance policy than they need to.  A common theme I see when talking to people about life insurance is that they only contact one or two companies, and thus end up overpaying for a policy.  Countless Americans can either pay less money per month on their current policy or acquire much more coverage for the same price that they are paying now. Let’s look at an example using State Farm.  According […]

Post image for The Importance of a Life Insurance Trust for Estate Planning

For the affluent, depending on your gross estate, everything you own may be subject to tax upon your death.  The taxes that must be paid to the federal government are called estate taxes.  A smaller but still substantial amount that may have to be paid to the state in which you live is called an inheritance tax.  While the laws regarding taxes are complicated, generally though, transfers between spouses at death are not subject to tax liability.  Conversely,  when the surviving spouse passes the estate to their heirs, often the children, that is when the tax is imposed and at […]

Post image for Everyone Can Now See the Published Life Insurance Rates For Their Age & Rating Class Online

No-Hassle Life Insurance Quotes Life insurance shoppers can now instantly view and easily compare life insurance rates from the nation’s top companies with this life insurance quoting tool. It’s really unfortunate that so many consumers pay a lot more for their life insurance policy than they need to. With this life insurance quoting system, everyone can instantly compare the published rates from the country’s major life insurance carriers and save money! View the Published Rates

Post image for 3 Must-Follow Tips to Guarantee that Your Life Insurance Policy will Pay Out

Life Insurance Payout   One of the most common questions and valid concerns I hear in regards to life insurance is “how can I be assured that my life insurance policy will pay out if my family needed to collect on it?” You’ve been paying premiums every year to the insurance company, and you want be assured your family will receive the benefit in the event of unforeseen death. One reassuring fact is that life insurance policies are contracts.  As long as you don’t void the contract, it will pay out. Here are 3 tips to Guarantee that Your Life Insurance […]

Post image for How To Ace Your Medical Exam & Save Money!

Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test As part of the application process, most life insurers are going to require a brief health screening.  The health screening, also referred to a a praamed exam, is done in the convenience of your home, office or a health facility.  It takes about 30 minutes and involves a certified health professional measuring your height, weight and taking a small blood and urine sample.  For some applicants, a resting EKG will be done as well. Follow the tips to ace your exam & save money! 1. Take your medical exam in the morning, if […]

stehescope dollar sign

There is Better Pricing on Life Insurance in 2014 A common mistake people make when shopping for the best deal on life insurance is choosing the incorrect face amount.  Many of the top life insurance companies will have a cost-per-thousand price break or “bands” at certain levels.  For example, let’s look at 40 year old male at the Preferred Plus rate class with American General Life (AIG): $200k 20 year term would be $23.04 a month. $250k 20 year term would be $21.29 a month. As you can see, it is actually CHEAPER in this case to get the $250k […]