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Worst Life Insurance Companies

Best & Worst Life Insurance Companies 2013

Which Life Insurance Company is Best in 2014? The truth is that for the life insurance industry it is a very difficult to choose a “best” company overall.  Even independent review and comparison services like Consumer Reports don’t specifically endorse a particular company.  The reason is due to the fact the life insurance industry is so tightly regulated by the state insurance commissioners, there is little room for problems to occur.  In addition to being so highly regulated, life insurance policies themselves are contracts.  It is very straight forward, you the policyholder will pay a premium and if you pass […]

The 10 Worst Life Insurance Companies 2013

Here are the 10 lowest ranked life insurers in America (by Comdex Ranking) Recently I posted a list of the best life insurance companies America by admitted assets which has been well received so far.  After reading the list, a few people have asked me out of curiosity “so who are the worst life insurance companies?”  That got me wondering as well.  Since there are many different ways an insurance company can be evaluated, (i.e. admitted assets, amount issued, customer service, etc.)  for the purposes of this list, the Comdex ranking was used. What is a Comdex Ranking? Comdex actually […]