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Life Insurance Company Reviews 2016


The Top 25 Life Insurance Companies In America

The Top 25 Life/Health Writers Ranked by Highest Value of Admitted Assets



These 25 life & health insurers led the pack in terms of 2011 admitted assets. ($ Thousands)

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Rank            Name                           Website                A.M Best Rating  Admitted Assets

MetLife Rates 1. Metropolitan Life & Affiliated Cos Group MetLife A+ (Superior) $612,890,473
 Pruco Life Insurance Rates 2 Prudential of American Group Prudential A+ (Superior) $424,102,613
  3 Manulife Financial Life Group John Hancock  A+ (Superior) $243,305,600
 AIG Direct-American General 4 SunAmerica Financial Group AIG A (Excellent) $233,884,100
  5 TIAA Group* TIAA Group A++(Superior) $229,783,256
  6  New York Life Group New York Life A++(Superior) $228,318,292
  7 Hartford Life Group The Hartford  N/A $218,518,350
  8 Northwestern Mutl Group Northwesterm Mutl A++(Superior) $189,675,608
  9 ING USA Life Group ING A (Excellent) $181,668,527
  10 Aegon USA Group Transamerica A+ (Superior) $180,200,206
  11 Lincoln Finl Group Lincoln Finl Group A+ (Superior) $176,675,841
  12 MassMutual Finl Group MassMutual Finl Group A++(Superior) $148,661,799
  13 Axa Finl Group AXA  A+ (Superior) $147,696,020
  14 Principal Life Group Principal A+ (Superior) $121,455,507
  15 Jackson Natl Group Jackson Natl A+ (Superior) $108,211,114
  16 Nationwide Life Group Nationwide A+ (Superior) $104,995,748
  17 Aflac Inc Group Aflac A+ (Superior) $104,079,744
  18 Pacific Life Group Pacific Life A+ (Superior) $100,203,918
  19 Ameriprise Fin Group Ameriprise  A+ (Superior) $96,534,497
  20 Allianz Life Ins Group Allianz Life A (Excellent) $91,529,294
  21 Thrivent Finl Lutherns Grp Thrivent A+ (Superior) $65,219,636
  22 Genworth Finl Group Genworth A (Excellent) $64,665,607
  23 Allstate Finl Cost Allstate Financial A+ (Superior) $64,220,085
  24 Sun Life Group Sun Life A+ (Superior) $63,754,875
  25 State Farm Life Grp State Farm A++ (Superior) $55,645,935

*TIAA’s assets are significantly understated.  Most assets separate from CREF.

Source Citation

U.S. combined life and health writers.  Best’s Review Sept. 2012. p33.  A.M. Best Company, Inc.