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$10,000,000, $10 million life insurance quotes policy

Recently I’ve been receiving more and more inquires for larger policies, specifically for a $10 million policy.  While this sounds like and is a lot of money, for many this is the policy that is needed to protect their estate or business.  Is getting a $10 million policy difficult to obtain? As with any type of insurance, the more risk the insurance company is exposed to the more prudence the companies will show in regards to underwriting.  The good news is, if the coverage amount can be justified to the underwriter than getting approved for the $10 million policy can […]

How much does $1.5 million ($1,500,000) of life insurance cost?

How much does $1.5 million ($1,500,000) of life insurance cost? I was working with a client recently who needed life insurance to protect his family.  After we went over some basic health questions, we did an in-depth needs analysis and determined he should have $1.5 million–$1,500,000 of life insurance in place to protect his family. He was 45 years old, married with two children, and had a good job and a mortgage.  He wanted to a policy that wasn’t going to be a strain on his monthly expenses. So after we instantly shopped the top companies in the country, we found […]