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$200k life insurance

$200k of Life Insurance costs

 How Much is $200k of Term Life Insurance? Can you afford a high quality life insurance policy to protect your family?  Well if you spare about $.50 a day then the answer is YES.  One of the reasons why so many Americans do not have life insurance or not enough life insurance is because of the notion it costs too much.  Many families are struggling just to get by in this economy and spending additional money on life insurance isn’t in the budget.  However, these are the families that need life insurance most.  If the head of the household were […]

2013 Top 5 Reasons Why ING Life Insurance Has Some of the Best Underwriting in America

Top 5 Reasons Why ING May Be the Right Life Insurance Company for You in 2014 Many of us are familiar with the company ING through their internet ING Direct savings accounts or their retirement investment accounts.  The famous orange lion and orange ball are ING’s distinct logos.  However, what many people are not aware of is the fact that ING ReliaStar Life Companies is one of the top 5 term life insurance companies in America.  What makes ING so competitive?   ING Life Companies allows your total cholesterol to reach up through 300 and remain eligible for the best […]