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Life Insurance-

Actual Age vs. Nearest Age Explained for 2016 I have been doing insurance for many years and have done thousands and thousands of life insurance applications.  Every day this topic comes up because quite frankly, it doesn’t really make sense.    Most life insurance companies calculate your premium by using what is called the “nearest age” rule.  What this means is the insurance company will round up your age to the nearest birthday by 6 months.  You can also look at is they go by your half-birthday day- you know as you used to say when you were a kid.  Compare […]

8 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance from The National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Consumer Alert: Life Insurance Purchasing Tips from the NAIC 8 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance from The National Association of Insurance Commissioners to Follow in 2014 Life insurance is an important purchase for most Americans because it can provide income replacement to beneficiaries in the event of a death. Life insurance policies are available from more than 2,000 life insurance companies in the United States. Here are some tips from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to help you get the best value for your life insurance dollar. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a voluntary organization of […]

Get The Best Life Insurance Rates with Asthma

Get The Best Life Insurance Rates With Asthma By Choosing The Right Company   Asthma-is an obstructive lung disease characterized by reversible airway obstruction and airway hyper-responsiveness. Underwriting Factors   •Frequency of symptoms •Duration and intensity of exacerbations •Medications taken for treatment, including response to treatment •Smoking status •Any similar serious impairment •Number of asthma attacks in past year •Ever require a rescue inhaler Common medications   •Advair •Albuterol •Azmacort •Beconase •Hydrocortine •Ibuterol •Nacacort •Singulair •Symbicort •Theophylline •Xolair   Rating classes   •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline […]

Life Insurance Pricing With Anemia

Get The Best Life Insurance Rate With Anemia Anemia Is a common blood disorder that occurs when the level of healthy red blood cells in the body become too low. Underwriting factors that determine the rating class with anemia underwriting:   •When were you diagnosed? •Currently taking any medications for anemia? •Ever been hospitalized for anemia? •Any other medical problems? Life insurance companies rating classes: •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard Underwriting life insurance with anemia:   •Currently stable iron deficient anemia, normal blood test results, no complications, normal hemoglobin 2 years since last episode = likely Preferred Plus rating […]

How Does Acid Reflux (Gerd) Affect My Life Insurance Application?

Acid Reflux (Gerd) & Life Insurance Underwriting 2014 Acid Reflux—(Gerd)   A condition in which the stomach contents leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. Medications:   Aciphex (generic-rabepazole)                                                              Pepcid AC (generic- famotidine) Prevacid (generic-iansoprazole) Prilosec (generic-omeprazole) Protonix (generic-pantoprazole) Regian (generic-metoclopramide) Regian ODT (generic-metoclopramide) Tagamet-(generic-cimetidine) Zantac (generic-ranitdine) Zegerid (generic-omeprazole) Axid (generic-nizatide)                                          Carafate (generic-sucralfate) Kapidex Metozok (generic—metoclopramide) Nexium (generic-esomeprazole)                                  Underwriting Factors With Acid Reflux:   •Date of diagnosis •Is the medication over the counter? Is it working? •Number of medications taking for Acid Reflux? •How are symptoms? •Outcome of recent doctor’s visit? •Any other medical conditions? Life insurance […]

Post image for The Life Insurance Blood Test-What You Need To Know

Tips For The Life Insurance Blood Test 2016 Edition Ah, the life insurance blood test.  While the sound of it may not be pleasant, the good news is it’s really not that bad. The whole exam process takes about a half an hour, and involves a licensed medical professional coming out to your home or office and taking your height, weight, blood pressure reading,  and a small blood and urine sample. In some cases, an EKG may be required.  It’s really similar to an annual checkup you get from your physician. Why Does The Life Insurance Company Need A Blood […]

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There is Better Pricing on Life Insurance in 2014 A common mistake people make when shopping for the best deal on life insurance is choosing the incorrect face amount.  Many of the top life insurance companies will have a cost-per-thousand price break or “bands” at certain levels.  For example, let’s look at 40 year old male at the Preferred Plus rate class with American General Life (AIG): $200k 20 year term would be $23.04 a month. $250k 20 year term would be $21.29 a month. As you can see, it is actually CHEAPER in this case to get the $250k […]