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Get The Best Life Insurance Rates with Asthma

Get The Best Life Insurance Rates With Asthma By Choosing The Right Company   Asthma-is an obstructive lung disease characterized by reversible airway obstruction and airway hyper-responsiveness. Underwriting Factors   •Frequency of symptoms •Duration and intensity of exacerbations •Medications taken for treatment, including response to treatment •Smoking status •Any similar serious impairment •Number of asthma attacks in past year •Ever require a rescue inhaler Common medications   •Advair •Albuterol •Azmacort •Beconase •Hydrocortine •Ibuterol •Nacacort •Singulair •Symbicort •Theophylline •Xolair   Rating classes   •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline […]