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Thoracic aortic aneurysm life insurance

Life Insurance After An Aneurysm Underwriting & Rates

What to expect when applying for life insurance after an aneurysm   Aneurysm-An abnormal dilation of the aorta of other artery associated with an increased risk of rupture or dissection.   Underwriting factors   •Precise diagnosis •Location and size of aneurysm •Treatment •Presence or absence of symptoms •Any CAD, HTN, CVD, COPD or renal disease •Smoker or not •Regular check-ups   Risk Categories   •Preferred Plus •Preferred •Standard Plus •Standard •Rated A-C 1 •Rated D-H 2 •Rated I & Above 3 •Decline Possible range of underwriting results   •If the aneurysm was small, not requiring surgery rating class: Possible Mild […]